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Brownsville Station


Brownsville Station - Brownsville Station - 1977 - Private Stock

Brownsville Station were a great Detroit based boogie rock & roll band who probably could have achieved more in their ten year career. They did not rekease many albums, but were said to be a great live touring band. They are probably best remembered for the two great tracks, "The Martian Boogie," and "Smokin' In the Boys Room," which eventually sold over two million copies. This album is a good example of how talented these guys were. Check out their "Yeah! " album.


1. Hot Spit
2. Sleazy Louise
3. Lady (Put The Light On Me)
4. Lover
5. Mr. Johnson Sez
6. (Throw Me A) Lifeline
7. Rockers 'N' Rollers
8. My Friend Jack
9. Ain't That A Shame
10. The Martian Boogie


Cub Koda (Guitar), Cub Koda (Harmonica), Cub Koda (Vocals), Jim Bruzzese (Percussion), T.J. Cronley (Drums), Tony Driggins (Bass), Tony Driggins (Vocals), Eddie Kramer (Producer), Eddie Kramer (Engineer), Michael Lutz (Bass), Michael Lutz (Guitar), Michael Lutz (Keyboards), Michael Lutz (Vocals), Pat McCaffrey (Keyboards), Al Nalli (Accordion), Al Nalli (Art Direction), Bruce Nazarian (Guitar), Bruce Nazarian (Keyboards), Bruce Nazarian (Vocals), Henry Weck (Drums), Henry Weck (Vocals)

BIO (Wikipedia)

Brownsville Station was a band from Michigan who were popular in the 1970s. Their most famous song, "Smokin' In the Boys Room" (from their 1973 album Yeah! was recognized as one of rock's earliest teen anthems, featuring angst filled lyrics, blaring guitars and a harmonica solo. The track reached #3 on U.S. charts and #27 in the UK Singles Chart["Smokin' In the Boys Room" was later covered by Mötley Crüe in 1985. In 1977, Brownsville Station recorded the novelty song "Martian Boogie", which is played on Dr. Demento's radio show on occasion. Another song, "You Put the Light on Me" also received modest airplay in the Detroit markets. Original members included band founder Cub Koda (guitarist/vocalist), Mike Lutz (guitarist/vocalist), T.J. Cronley (drummer), and Tony Driggins (bassist/vocals). After T.J. Cronley left, he was replaced by Van Wert, Ohio native Henry "H-Bomb" Weck and in 1975 multi-instrumentalist and Detroit session musician Bruce Nazarian joined the band (it was Nazarian who sang lead on "Lady (Put the Light On Me)". "Smokin' In the Boys Room" reached #3 in the Billboard charts, eventually selling over two million copies, and was covered a decade later by eighties metal band Mötley Crüe. Their second-highest, Billboard-charting single was "Kings Of The Party" which topped out at #31 in 1974. Best known as a live act fired up by Koda's onstage antics, the band's name was chosen because it was so long that it took up most of the marquees that rock venues used in that era, thereby hogging the limelight from whoever Brownsville happened to be playing with. Brownsville disbanded in 1979, with the individual members going their separate ways. Cub Koda died of kidney disease on 1 July 2000 at the age of 51. Though the band has been inactive for many years, bassist Lutz still resides in Ann Arbor. He works part time at a local music store called Oz's Music teaching guitar and bass lessons.


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