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Ingrid Schroeder


Ingrid Schroeder - Bee Charmer - 1996 - Warner Music UK Ltd

In the late 90s, Ingrid cut this excellent chill-out drum and bass influenced ambient album, with .its attendant 12" singles of material. If you like Zero 7, Portishead, or Morcheeba, you just might like this album. Ingrid Schroeder was a well regarded American session singer resident in England since the early 80s when she was one of the female vocal group annexed to the Fun Boy 3. She also recorded sessions with the Dream Academy before she put out this album. She also had links with Ravishing Beauties, and Virginia Astley via the Silent Poets, who released the brilliant "For Nothing" album in Japan. Goldie has produced some of her songs, & ‘Paint you Blue’ and ‘Thing in the Middle’ were produced by Muggs (Soul Assassins/ Cypress Hill). It is extremely difficult to find any detailed information on this great vocalists recordings. She seems a bit of an enigma! Please post any info you may have to A.O.O.F.C.


1 Bee Charmer (4:39)
2 Unforgiven (4:57)
3 Not a Day Goes By (4:30)
4 Paint You Blue (3:39)
5 Presence (4:03)
6 Average Bear (4:00)
7 Waterbaby (5:56)
8 Thing in the Middle (4:00)
9 Move into the Light (6:04)
10 Time Passes (6:25)