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Fragile State

Fragile State - Voices from the Dust Bowl - 2004 - Bar De Lune

Brilliant , atmospheric, cinematic electronica from the genuis of Neil Cowley & Ben Mynott, programmed with some of the most amazing string sections you will ever hear. This album has a truly beautiful sound guaranteed to make you chill. If you like Air, John Barry or Zero 7, this album is for you. Note : Fragile State have now split up. However, Neil Cowley under the name of Pretz has produced a solo album called Soundcastles. Definately worth tracking down if you like Fragile State. Also check out Fragile State's superb album from 2002, 'The Fact And The Dreams.'


01 Four-Four-Four (8:21)
02 King For A Day (6:34)
03 New Bassa (6:33)
04 Cleo (6:20)
05 600 Bliss (5:15)
06 Stolen Generation (2:21)
07 At Last (5:11)
08 Paper Smile (4:52)
09 Overcurrent (5:12)
10 Train Time (5:34)
11 Paper Tiger (5:59)


Neil Cowley & Ben Mynott


Musical dilemma#27: How do you follow up an acclaimed debut album that had heaps of praise bestowed upon it, including being voted Down tempo Album of the Year by Blues & Soul magazine, the Big Chill's Pete Lawrence and BBC Radio London's Robert Elms? Logic would dictate the old adage of it-ain't-broke-don't fix-it. But logic is not what Fragile State are about. Our two protagonists of the beautifully chilled and deconstructed - Zero 7's Neil Cowley and music journalist Ben Mynott - have instead created a soundscape that boarders on soundtracks, afrocentric rhythms, jazz and contemporary classical. Conceptually - intentionally or otherwise - Voices From The Dust Bowl is an album for listening to from beginning to end. Don't go looking for singles, as whilst several might be flagged as suitable candidates, it's the overall feel that counts. The journey beginning with the minimalist bass and Rhodes led afro-beater "Four-Four-Four" allowing subtle harmonies to draw you in, before ebbing-and-flowing into the airy light rock of "King For A Day" (imagine Steely Dan jamming in some downtime). Highlights include the warm ambience on the Moby-esque "Cleo" - folky melodrama in the best tradition of Air and (not surprisingly) Zero 7; the near-classical arrangements on the John Barry-inspired "New Bassa"; and the chilled drum 'n' bass tempoed "Overcurrent". While the big tune finale, "Paper Tiger", sounds uncannily like a seventies Blaxploitation number scored by Quincy, Curtis or Marvin. Voices From The Dust Bowl is a sophomore set of bucolic impressions and beguiling dream-inducing electronica, electing not to be a Xerox of their debut, but a worthy adversary. It's that which may similarly see it being crowded as an Album of the Year come December. © Andrew McGregor, 08 March 2004 , http://www.bbc.co.uk/

Combining the talents of Neil Cowley and Ben Mynott, Fragile State drops a collection of exquisitely soulful and funky down tempo jams on this full-length release. From the haunting, soundtrack-esque “Four-four-four” to the soul inspired “King For A Day” and lush magnificence of “600 Bliss”; this is a lovely and inspired ride on summer afternoon. Well actually, it is just a CD but if you close your eyes tight enough, you can almost feel the heat. © 2008 About, Inc., A part of The New York Times Company. All rights reserved

Fragile State are made up of Neil Cowley formally of Zero 7 and Ben Mynott the well known and revered journalist who writes for Blues & Soul. 'Voices From The Dust Bowl' and 'Facts And The Dreams' are two albums that when they were released received wide spread critical acclaim making them standout chillout albums of the year. © 2002 – 2008 Last.fm Ltd.

For some, Fragile State evokes the orchestral style of British film composer John Barry — best known for the James Bond theme — but the duo's undulating, atmospheric sound owes more to '70s psychedelic soul, ethnic trance and electronic sci-fi music. Neil Cowley brings his recent stint on keyboards with Zero 7 to the funky syncopation of “Overcurrent” and the opening “Four-Four-Four,” which recall the bouncy grooves of State's debut, The Facts and the Dreams, while the string-heavy “Paper Smile” is a pure stroke of ethereal ambience. © Bill Murphy, http://remixmag.com/


Neil Cowley is an experienced musician whose keyboard skills has seen him tour extensively with Zero 7 amongst others. His production credits include East West Connection and Freil who recently had a single out on San Franciscos globally acclaimed Naked Music Recordings. Ben Mynott is a highly respected music journalist and has a monthly jazz/house column in B&S magazine. Ben has compiled two albums for Jazz Fm (Spirit Of The Street Pts 1 & 2), the nu*phusion album on Quiet Riot, and has a new series of soulful & sexy house compilations called Nu De Lune for Bar De Lune. © www.giantstep.net


Ben Mynott has firmly established himself as a mainstay in the downtempo field and goes from strength to strength as a compilation connoisseur. He was one half of the critically acclaimed downtempo act, Fragile State, who were compared to Air, John Barry and Zero 7, and his talents and production prowess was lauded by the music press and record buying public alike. Over the three years Fragile State became, through the beauty of their acclaimed debut album 'The Facts & The Dreams', a firm favourite with the likes of Pete Lawrence, Mixmaster Morris, Rob Da Bank, LTJ Bukem, Groove Armada, The Bays, Jimpster, Ali B, Patrick Forge, Phil Mison, Richard Dorfmeister, Rainer Trüby, Faze Action, Ashley Beedle and Mr Scruff. The list goes on. 'The Facts And The Dreams', was an album that was awarded the title of Downtempo Album Of The Year by Robert Elms (BBC London) and Pete Lawrence (The Big Chill) amongst others. They were then this year soundtracked for the UK Vodafone Adverts which built their reputation further and Ben's marketing skills went even further still resulting in major sponsorship deals with Creative and Fred Perry, Fragile State split during the summer to concentrate on new projects, new ambitions. Ben is also a freelance journalist, with a regular jazzy house/downtempo column for B&S Magazine and is no stranger to the compilation market. He compiled albums for Jazz Fm/Hed Kandi Records (Spirit Of The Street - Pt's 1&2), the nu*phusion album on Quiet Riot, and a series of soulful & sexy house compilations called Nu De Lune for Bar De Lune. Ben also compiled the acclaimed and highly sought-after 'Just Got Home' album which brought together tracks from Yukimi Nagano, Weekend Players Gare du Nord, Hint, Troublemakers, Cocteau Twins and RSL. Others albums of his include 'Ben Mynott presents Unearthed', 'Café Karma', 'Private Party', 'Fashionista Métropolitain' and 'At Home...' on Slip 'n' Slide. Ben has a successful radio show on Worldspace Radio, Washington DC and the emphasis is always on stunningly beautiful melodic downtempo music - 'just beautiful tunes really'). The Fluid shows for this have gone down well both sides of the Atlantic. One Fluid show mix was described by a Big Chiller as 'Probably the best I've heard since Erlend Øye did the DJ kicks'. In additional, Ben has a new Chillout Show which he presents on Bournemouth's Fire FM, Saturday's 4am-7am, Sunday's 4am-7am, playing the very best in Chillout, downtempo, leftfield and jazzy breaks. Aside from making and playing music, Ben runs Fluid Nation, a music marketing company that looks after and promotes such labels as Naked Music Recording. © www.fluidnation.com/


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