Get this crazy baby off my head!


Various Artists (Pork Recordings) - Downtempo

Various - Pork 100 - 2002 - Pork Recordings [Subtitled: "...in the craters the flowers are blooming"]

Great electronica downtempo compilation featuring Baby Mammoth, Leggo Beast, Momma Gravy, Moss and more great artists with many unreleased tracks. An ultra cool compilation from the great Pork Recordings label. Try and listen to the albums, "Humidity" by Heights Of Abraham, "Motion Without Pain" by Baby Mammoth, and "From Here To G" by Leggo Beast.


1 Baby Gravy You Really Are (6:31)
2 Momma Gravy Hadakemus (5:24)
3 Sheik And Arch Deacon* As You All Know (5:26)
4 Moss Ching (5:19)
5 Leggo Beast Elephant Legs (7:00)
6 Baby Mammoth Spike's Lament (7:50)
7 Shapes, The Fossilized Oesophagus (4:58)
8 B & B (3) Mrs Ripley (5:56)
9 Rawcliff Piggy Back Wind (5:37)
10 Tetris Diving Up (5:13)
11 Last Supper Danceband New Bionic Boogie (5:29)
12 Dustin Another Missing Link (10:46)