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Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck - 1971 - MAM

Fuzzy duck were a very good underground psychedelic/progressive rock band that emerged from the UK in the early Seventies. The music is hard-edged and contains some pretty good organ-dominated instrumental passages, reminiscent of early Uriah Heep. There are some good vocals, strong guitar work, with catchy riffs, and a tight rhythm-section. Some of the music is very advanced for its time, and a good example of their advanced progressive sound style can be heard on the track, "In Our Time."The last track “A Word From Big D” includes the so called ‘ducking vocals’ from keyboardplayer Roy (Daze) Sharland, and is very amusing.The band also has a definite flavour of early Atomic Rooster, and Camel, but this is no bad thing. This is a very good album from a band that showed signs of promise. The bonus CD tracks are also excellent.. Sound quality is not great, but this one release from Fuzzy Duck is early prog-rock at its best, and is worth listening to.


Time Will Be Your Doctor
Mrs. Prout
Just Look Around You
Afternoon Out
More Than I Am


Country Boy
In Our Time
A Word From Big D

Double Time Woman [Bonus CD Track]
Big Brass Band [Bonus CD Track]
One More Hour [Bonus CD Track]
No Name Face [Bonus CD Track]


Paul Francis (drums, percussion)
Mick (Doc) Hawksworth (bass, vocals, acoustic 12-string, electric cello, cricket bat)
Roy (Daze) Sharland (organ, electric piano)
Grahame White (guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar)


A much sought-after classic of U.K. underground progressive rock and psychedelia, this was originally issued in a scarce edition of 500 back in 1971. The album reached legendary status by affiliation, as it features Mick Harnsworth of Five Day Week Straw People and Andromeda, and Roy Sharland, a keyboardist who later worked with the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Spice. This album is classic keyboard-driven British progressive rock in the vein of Soft Machine and Caravan and is well-deserving of reissue. The Arkarma issue features four bonus tracks previously unreleased and excellent repackaging that surpasses the originals for quality. ~ Skip Jansen, All Music Guide


Though the brief career of Fuzzy Duck may only have consisted of one album and two singles the musical history of its various members reads like a "Who's who of rock and roll". Formed in 1970 and based in North London the original line up consisted of guitarist/vocalist Grahame White, ex-Andromeda, bassist Mick Hawksworth, organist Roy Sharland and ex-Tucky Buzzard drummer Paul Francis. Managed by Gordon Mills, who also managed Tom Jones and Gilbert O'Sullivan, Fuzzy Duck signed to MAM Records, a subsidiary of Decca, and recorded their self-titled debut LP (MAM LP 1005). However just before the album was released White left (later turning up in Capability Brown, Krazy Kat and Jackie Lynton Band) and was replaced by Garth Watt Roy. His first recordings with the band came via the "Double Time Woman"/"Just Look Around You" single (MAM 37) released in August 1971. A second single "Big Brass Band"/"One More Hour"(MAM 51) was released in November 1971 but by the end of the year they decided to go their separate ways. Garth Watt Roy teamed up with his bassist brother Norman to form the Greatest Show On Earth who released two albums, "Horizons" and "The Going's Easy", for EMI's progressive Harvest label. Since then he's recorded with the likes of East Of Eden, Limey, Marmalade, Steamhammer, Bonnie Tyler, Barbara Dickson, The Barron Knights and was also a founder member of The Q Tips. Mick Hawksworth went on to work with Matthew Fisher before teaming up with Alvin Lee for The Ten Years After LPs "Rocket Fuel" and "Ride On". Drummer Paul Francis went on to work with Tranquillity, Maggie Bell, Mick Ronson, and Chris Spedding and has recently been touring with Steve Harley. [Mark Brennan
Special thanks to Garth Watt Roy. Taken from the CD reissue of "Fuzzy Duck", Repertoire 1993, REP-4352-WP ]