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Live Wire

Live Wire - Pick It Up - 1979 - A&M

Live Wire was a rootsy London pub rock band which played the British pub rock circuit from 1979 to 1981. The band was led by guitarist/vocalist Mike Edwards and over a three year span featured bassist Jeremy Meek, drummer German Gonzales, guitarist Chris Cutler, and guitarist Simon Boswell. Following this debut album, Cutler was replaced by ex-Advertising guitarist Simon Boswell, whose production skills lent the group a more polished, commercial sound. This lineup recorded 1980's No Fright and 1981's Changes Made before breaking up It's a good album, and reminiscent of early Ace, Ian Dury's band, Kilburn and the High Roads, or early Dire Straits without the flashy guitar work. This is a 192 Kbps vinyl rip, so please make allowances for sound. It's quite a rare album, but a good one. For similar music in this genre, check out recordings by Brinsley Schwarz.


A1 Hit & Run Driver 3:30
A2 Money 3:04
A3 Thinking of You 3:26
A4 Water Into Wine 3:24
A5 Lone Car Cruising 6:10

B1 Hey Good Looking 4:03
B2 Superstitious 3:11
B3 Weaving 2:53
B4 Paid in Smiles 3:49
B5 Hard They Come Up 5:05


Mike Edwards - Guitar/Vocals
Jeremy Meek - Drums
Chris Cutler - Guitar


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