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Dada - Dada - 1971 - Atlantic

Very rare 1971 album from Dada. Dada were a­ nine piece Atlantic Records soul/jazz rock band with Robert Palmer, Elkie Brooks,and Jimmy Chambers among it's members. The great British R'n'B/Blues Rock band, Vinegar Joe evolved from this extremely obscure band. The album was reissued in 1991 on Linea Records, Germany, but the Atlantic original vinyl LP was released in a "Mono" version. Hands up who knows what that word means ! The album is an unusual mix of psychedelic rock with everything else in the mix. There is a cover of Jagger & Keith Richards "The Last Time" and "Aspen, Colorado" by Tony Joe White, both of which are done really well. Early seventies eclectic rock, and in ways, reminiscent of some of Moby Grape's early recordings. An unusual, but very good recording from Dada, with great musicianship, and first class vocals from the great Elkie Brooks. A.O.O.F.C would be very interested in more info about this band, and your opinion on this album. Check out Vinegar Joe's "Six Star Gypsies" album for similarities.


1. Big Dipper (By Pete Gage & Paul Korda)
2. The Last Time (By Mick Jagger & Keith Richrds)
3. This Is My Song (By Pete Gage & Paul Korda)
4. Seed Of Peace (By Paul Korda & Don Shinn)
5. Organ Interlude (By Don Shinn)
6. Tonite Is (By Paul Korda & Don Shinn)
7. She Walks Away (By Pete Gage & Zagni)
8. Aspen, Colorado (By Tony Joe White)
9. Eyes Of The Warren (By Don Shinn)
10. Jasamin (By Paul Korda)
11. Dada (By Paul Korda)


Elkie Brooks - Vocals
Paul Korda - Vocals
Jimmy Chambers - Vocals, Percussion
Pete Gage - Guitar, Bass
Don Shinn - Keyboard, Organ, Bass, Vibes
Martyn Harryman - Drums, Percussion
Barry Duggan - Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Flutes
Malcolm Capewell - Tenor Sax, Flute
Ernie Luchlan - Trumpet, Fluegelhorn


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And thanks for DaDa too! I did not know of this.

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Hi,K. Many of these obscure bands/albums are Grade A. I think Dada's album is excellent, and exactly the type of music I'm trying to promote. I hope to hear from you soon..Cheers!