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Little Feat

Little Feat - As Time Goes By: The Very Best of Little Feat - 1993 - Warner Bros

Enough has been said on this blog about Little Feat, so here's some more info to bore your cotton socks off! This is the best LF compilation ever released. It contains all their best works, and is a first class introduction to Little Feat's music. To continue the boredom, and this has been stated a quintozillion times (I just invented that word now!) on A.O.O.F.C, - listen to the band's Coup de grâce, "The Last Record Album". Check out other albums by the band on this blog. "Feats will never fail you". "As Time Goes By" is VHR by A.O.O.F.C


01 Dixie Chicken George, Kibbee
02 Willin' George
03 Rock 'N' Roll Doctor George, Kibbee
04 Two Trains George
05 Truck Stop Girl George, Payne
06 Fat Man in the Bathtub George
07 Trouble George
08 Sailin' Shoes George
09 Spanish Moon George
10 Feats Don't Fail Me Now Barrere, George, Kibbee
11 Oh, Atlanta Payne
12 All That You Dream Barrere, Payne
13 Long Distance Love George
14 Mercenary Territory George, Hayward
15 Rocket in My Pocket George
16 Texas Twister Barrere, Kibbee, Payne
17 Let It Roll Barrere, Kibbee, Payne
18 Hate to Lose Your Lovin' Paul Barrére, Craig Fuller
19 Old Folks' Boogie Paul Barrére
20 20 Million Things Lowell George, Jed Levy


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The Green Radio Network said...

Thanks for all the Feat!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks, TGRN. Hard to beat the Feat!! Get your blogs rollin' and keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

no "High Roller" on this compilation!!!!! what a shame!

Anonymous said...

Nice collection of Little Feat! Thank you.

A.O.O.F.C said...

You're welcome. Thanks