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Kim Lembo And Blue Heat

Kim Lembo And Blue Heat - Paris Burning (Live At The Chesterfield Cafe) - 2000 - Blue Wave

Kim Lembo the great blueswoman from Syracuse, New York, was unfairly ctiticised at one time for trying to sing like Janis Joplin, without succeeding! This was a meaningless "criticism" as the two singers, although there are similarities, have different vocal styles. Obviously Kim was influenced by Janis Joplin, but all the great blues singers have been influenced by other blues artists. Kim has her own vocal style, and her Blues/Rock vocal inflections would remind you of some of the great 60's Blues revivalists. Kim Lembo is a great singer with an A1 back up band. Comparisons with other singers are ridiculous and unfair. This is a great live album from Kim, and her terrific back up band. The album was recorded live, with no studio enhancements or overdubs, at The Chesterfield Cafe, Paris, France, on the nights of 27th, 28th, & 29th of January, 2000. For such a raw live recording, Kim and her band's love and passion for the blues shine throughout the whole set. Buy her ""Blue Heat" and "Mama Lion" albums. For more music of this genre, check out early recordings of Elkie Brooks, and Maggie Bell/. It has been some time now since Kim Lembo released any new material. Has anybody any info on the present day career of Kim Lembo/Blue Heat. Calling New York...Do you read me...over !!


1 Kathy's Theme - Earl, Ward
2 What Passes for Love - Grissom
3 (Before We) Think - Malone, McCraclin
4 Love to Ride - Sykes
5 Goin' to the Church - Butler
6 Rain Down Tears - Glover, Toombs
7 Love Slip upon Ya - Meters
8 Crazy 'Bout You Baby - Williamson
9 Kiss of Fire - Campbells, Harman, Ramos
10 Find the Truth - Lembo, Mulhauser
11 You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care) - McDaniel
12 Baby, What You Want Me to Do - Reed
13 Something Funky About Your Love - Zamagni


Kim Lembo - Vocals
Mark Nanni - Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals, Band Leader
Frank Grace - Guitar
Stephen T.Winston - Bass
Garnett Grimm - Drums


Along with her band Blue Heat, blues vocalist Kim Lembo recorded several albums for Blue Wave beginning in 1994. The Syracuse, NY-based vocalist worked with multi-instrumentalist/producer Mark Doyle for her debut album, which she named after her band. Two years later, she again worked with Doyle for her follow-up, Mama Lion. During this time in the mid-'90s, Lembo built a sizable following in New York state, where she continued to perform on a regular basis and win much acclaim. By the time Blue Wave released her third album, Ready to Ride (1999), she'd built quite a following. This growing audience resulted in an opportunity to perform a series of shows in Paris during January 2000 at the Chesterfield Cafe. These shows were later compiled on the Paris Burning album released later that year. © Jason Birchmeier, allmusic.com


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