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John Fogerty

John Fogerty - COMIN' DOWN THE ROAD-RETURN TO THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL - 2009 - Fortunate Son/Verve

Featuring songs from John Fogerty's show at The Royal Albert Hall on June 24th, 2008, which was the last concert of his 2008 European "Revival" Tour. It has been stated by one reviewer that this concert was purely a "film-shoot", "a shameful shambles of a show", "a stop-start succession of cringe-making moments that left Fogerty uncomfortable". "John Fogerty disappeared to fix his make-up, after a few songs". Throughout the show "there were ragged gaps between songs so they could edit the show later". "The director had the whip-hand". During the show, John Fogerty "disappeared for 10 minutes to change his shirt, with an embarrassed band filling in". "There was an onstage argument about the setting out of stools for a semi-plugged Gunslinger, the house lights stayed up for the cameras and the frequent faltering ruined any sense of occasion". “Somebody help me,” Fogerty sang midway through the set. “Something’s going wrong.” "Fogerty couldn’t have missed the boos, catcalls, and outbursts of slow handclapping, no matter how many ‘ringers’ the film crew sited centre-stage". "By the time the likes of Travellin’ Band, Fortunate Son and Proud Mary steamed in, many of the frustrated fans had given up and gone home". "The fans should have been paid as extras. When the DVD comes out of the editing suite, it will look like a memorable night". Other reviews of this concert have said the same things. Other reviews have called Fogerty arrogant, and unapologetic for the constant intrusiveness of camera crew and production staff. Read http://www.wordmagazine.co.uk/content/john-fogerty-albert-hall Seems extraordinary! John Fogerty is a legend of rock music, and this "edited" audio concert sounds ok. Fogerty has given his life to music, and has always provided value for money to his fans. There is no doubting the great man's talent. Reading the reviews of this concert, it does seem that the "director had the whip-hand", and that John Fogerty was caught on a "sticky wicket". Comments would be very welcome from anybody who attended this concert. Was it really that embarrassing? Check out John's "Long Way Home" DVD, his work with CCR, and his solo albums, "Centerfield", and "Deja Vu (All Over Again)".


1. Comin' Down the Road
2. Born On the Bayou
3. Lookin' Out My Backdoor
4. Rambunctious Boy
5. Don't You Wish it Was True
6. My Toot Toot (Simien)
7. Commotion
8. Creedence Song
9. Ramble Tamble
10. Gunslinger
11. I Will Walk With You
12. Somebody Help Me
13. Broken Down Cowboy
14. Keep On Chooglin'
15. Southern Streamline
16. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues (Traditional)
17. Almost Saturday Night
18. Rock and Roll Girls
19. Down on the Corner
20. Hey Tonight
21. Up Around the Bend
22. Old Man Down the Road
23. Fortunate Son
24. Travelin' Band
25. Rockin' All Over the World
26. Proud Mary
All songs composed by John Fogerty, except where stated


John Fogerty - Guitar, Vocals
Billy Burnette, Hunter Perrin, Shane Fogerty*, Tyler Fogerty* - Guitar
Matt Nolen - Guitar, Keyboards, Accordion
David Santos - Bass Guitar
Kenny Aronoff (drums)
Jason Mowery - Mandolin, Fiddle, Lap Steel Guitar

N.B: * Played on "Up Around The Bend".