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The Carson Downey Band


The Carson Downey Band - All The Way - 2000 - Loggerhead Records

A great album of 12 original Texas blues rock, Southern soul, R&B , and electric rock n' roll tracks from the Carson Downey band from North Preston, near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Musicianship is superb, and Carson is an exceptional guitarist. With over 17 national awards, the band is still impressing audiences not only on their ongoing Canadian tours, but also in the U.S, Europe, Japan, and other parts of Asia. Buy the band's "Burnin' Up Live" album, and promote this great band


All the Way - Wayne Nicholson, Carson Downey
Hit and Run Lover - Wayne Nicholson, Carson Downey
Freedom - Wayne Nicholson, Carson Downey
A Little Understanding - Wayne Nicholson, Carson Downey
I'm Sorry - Wayne Nicholson, Carson Downey
Burnin' Up - Carson Downey
Are You in or Are You Out - Carson Downey
You Left Me Here to Suffer - Carson Downey
Livin' It Up - Carson Downey
Dirty Low Down Shame - Wayne Nicholson, Carson Downey
When the Blues Come to Take You Away - Wayne Nicholson
Too Many People - Wayne Nicholson


Carson Downey - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Murray Downey - Bass
Marlowe Smith - Drums
Donny Muir - B3
Kim Dunn - Piano
Horn Arrangements - Kenny McKay


Famous in much of Atlantic and Eastern Canada for an explosive live performance, the Carson Downey Band conjures up images of great blues musicians past and present. All the Way is a good example of Downey's well-honed abilities and talents, often a cross between Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughn. There is a good cross section of blues material, from the horn sections on the blues-funk of "A Little Understanding" to the pulsating "Are You in or Are You Out." Vocals aren't as strong or powerful as they could be in some instances, particularly on "I'm Sorry," a lengthy downbeat song which should be much stronger than it is. The absence of filler songs is a bonus, with the band as tight as possible despite heading down a very winding path. "Livin' It Up" exemplifies the album's party vibe. © Jason MacNeil, All Music Guide © 2010 Answers Corporation http://www.answers.com/topic/all-the-way-2001-album-by-carson-downey

The liner notes say Carson Downey has been playing blues since the early `80's in and around Halifax but the only sign of him here consisted of one song on Dutch Mason's 60th Birthday CD. Born in North Preston, just outside of Halifax, he now has a CD of his own on Loggerhead Records, the label that also has Ashley MacIsaac on its roster. He also has the East Coast Guitarist Of The Year Award from ECMA 2000 for his mantle. The Carson Downey Band is a power trio with Murray Downey on bass and Marlowe Smith on drums behind Carson on electric guitar and vocals and there is power to spare. Donny Muir on B3, Kim Dunn on piano with horn arrangements by Kenny McKay were added to the trio so well there was a production award nomination for co-producer Wayne Nicholson. The all-original songs are strong, with the title song leading the way. The pedal comes off the metal slightly for "I'm Sorry" and for the slow blues, "Dirty Low Down Shame". My vote for the first radio single is "When The Blues Come To Take You Away" with its catchy hook. "Too Many People" takes the album out with the pedal back to the metal. This man can sing and, boy, can he play guitar-he's coming to Harbourfront in July and fans of electric guitar should make a point of being there. In stores May 9th. © John Valenteyn, jayvee At icanDOTnet Toronto Blues Society Copyright _ 2000 http://www.torontobluessociety.com/0005prm.htm

From North Preston, a small town outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, CARSON DOWNEY has been “Burnin’ Up” East Coast stages since the early eighties. THE CARSON DOWNEY BAND is Carson Downey on lead vocals and guitar, Murray Downey on drums and Marlowe Smith on bass. A combination of southern soul, Texas blues and pure electric rock n’ roll, THE CARSON DOWNEY BAND recorded their debut album, “ALL THE WAY” at Halifax’s Solar Studios in the fall of 1999. The buzz has hit the streets. Downey carried off the title of Fender “East Coast Guitarist of the Year” at this year’s ECMA 2000. Producer and Loggerhead labelmate Wayne Nicholson was recently nominated for “Producer of the Year” at the Nova Scotia Music Awards for his work on “ALL THE WAY”. Nicholson guitarist James Logan acts as co-producer. Real rock n blues is back! THE CARSON DOWNEY BAND delivers the debut single “Burnin’ Up”! © CBC 2010 http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/bands/THE-CARSON-DOWNEY-BAND


At first glance, the discovery of the Carson Downey Band in 1997 looks like an overnight success story. The president of a record company just happened to overhear the band playing through a door that stood ajar. Impressed by the combination of blues and rock that was the Canadian band's sound, he looked in and was stunned by the sight of the guitarist using his teeth to play the instrument. On the spot, the music executive approached the band about a record deal. While the anecdote is true, success took far longer than overnight. The band had been together for about two decades and had built a regional following. Members first billed themselves as Big City Blues Band and Little City Blues Band. The Canadian group, which formed near Halifax in the town of North Preston, caught a lucky break when it played a showcase that was slated around the same time as the East Coast Music Awards (ECMA). Andrew McCain, head of Loggerhead Records, heard them play. It wasn't long before the group was on its way and Loggerhead released the band's debut album, All the Way, which was recorded in 1999. The band's driving blend of blues and rock ignited a flurry of interest and drew a number of honors, including the Fender East Coast Guitarist of the Year in 2000. In 2001, the band won a pair of ECMAs for Best Blues Group and Best New Artist. That same year, it earned Drummer of the Year and Best New Artist at the Maple Blues Awards and Artist of the Year and Album of the Year at the African Nova Scotian Music Awards. A half-dozen Real Blues Awards followed, including Best Live Act and Best Debut CD. In addition, the band walked off with The Dutch Mason Award. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Carson Downey, bassist Marlowe Smith, and drummer Murray Downey, who is Carson's brother. Before switching to blues, the 40-something Carson Downey played funk and dance music. © Linda Seida, All Music Guide © 2010 Answers Corporation http://www.answers.com/topic/the-carson-downey-band


Carson Downey is carrying on a generations-old tradition in Canada’s Maritime Provinces of looking to family and your Maker for strength and music for survival and personal expression. “You never know what’s ahead,” he says, “and you just thank God for giving you a chance to live today.” Downey grew up in the 1960s with five brothers and four sisters in North Preston, a poor, predominantly black community near Halifax. Things were tough. Racism was common. They lived crowded together into a small house heated by a wood stove and an oil furnace and lit by kerosene lanterns. Downey started out on the ukulele as a youngster. Moving up to guitar he began playing in school groups, then in an R&B outfit. Downey got his first taste of the blues as a side man with Joe Murphy, one of the finest of the Maritime roots and blues artists. “It just felt real good with the vibe and what you could do,” he recalls. Four years later, Downey put together his own trio with his brother Murray on drums and his brother-in-law on bass. For the next fifteen years, they paid their dues practicing for hours and toughing it out in bars around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Their tight, driving blend of hard-edged electric blues and sweat-drenched rock made them a regional triumph. In the process, Downey developed a signature style. “I really like all those heavy guitarists like Jeff Beck and Hendrix,” he says. “But I try to get away from those guys as I want to get a sound for Carson Downey.” In 1998, with Marlowe Smith now on bass guitar, the band was discovered while performing at the East Coast Music Awards by Andrew McCain, president of Toronto-based Loggerhead Records who was struck by their energy. Three weeks later he signed this “diamond in the rough” to a record deal. All the Way, twelve well penned and executed original songs, was released to rave reviews and significant radio play in 1999. Burnin” Up Live followed on its heels. In 2000, Downey was named the Fender East Coast Guitarist of the Year. In 2001, the band won East Coast Music Awards for Best Blues Group and Best New Artist as well as Maple Blues Award nominations for Best New Artist and Drummer of the Year. The Dutch Mason Award for “exceptional contributions to the preservation of Maritime blues music,” was especially satisfying. The band has appeared on "Open-Mike with Mike Bullard" and "Canada AM" and been featured in the pages of The Toronto Star and Ottawa Sun. But, it’s what these three firebrands do live, burning up stages with high voltage guitar solos and powerhouse rhythms, that keeps fans coming back for more. Don’t miss the Carson Downey Band described by, Scene Roots & Blues Magazine as “An electrifying soul shake down … this is the real deal.” © www.carsondowney.com © Ken Wright © http://www.tbayblues.ca/article/carson-downey-163.asp