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Pages - Pages (1st album) - 1978 - Epic

Confusingly, Pages released their third album in 1981 on Capitol called...Guess what?...Yes. Pages! However this album is now becoming known as "Pages 3". The post here, the bands debut s/t album was released in 1978. They are two completely different albums. Richard Page and Steve George had been working together for years in and around Southern California and had done sessions, backing vocals, and penned songs, for artists like Kenny Loggins, Patti LaBelle, Rick Springfield, The Pointer Sisters, Donna Summer etc. Pages' biggest success came with the band Mr. Mister. (As lead vocalist for Mr. Mister, Page scored two consecutive Hot 100 #1's with the singles "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie"). Richard Page and Steve George made three albums for Epic and Capitol Records under the name Pages, and their first album is very professional late 70's West Coast pop-rock. The vocals are good, and the songs are well above average compared to a lot of music in this genre. There are plenty of good melodic hooks, and the whole album has a nice soul jazz touch. Pages' music has been described as "Steely Dan meets Toto". Musicians on the album include Victor Feldman, Michael Brecker, Lani Groves, and Philip Bailey. Check out the band's 1981 "Pages" (aka "Pages 3"), and "Future Street" albums. Check out Richard Page's bio @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Page_(musician) and Steve George's bio @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_George_(keyboardist)


Clearly Kim - (R.Page,S.George,J.Lang)
This Is For The Girls - (R.Page,J.Lang)
Let It Go - (R.Page,S.George,J.Lang)
Listen For The Love - (J.Manfredi,R.Page,S.George,J.Lang)
Love Dance - (J.Manfredi)
If I Saw You Again - (J.Manfredi,R.Page,S.George,J.Lang)
Interlude - (D.Grusin)
It's Alright - (J.Manfredi,R.Page,S.George,J.Lang)
Room At The Top - (J.Manfredi,R.Page,S.George,J.Lang)
I Get It From You - (R.Page,S.George,J.Lang)


Richard Page - Guitar Solo, Lead & Background Vocals, Clavinet, Grand Piano
Steve George - Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes,Yamaha CS80 Synthesizer, Oberheim Synthesizer, Mini-Moog, Mini-Moog[solo], Lead Vocal and Background Vocals
Peter Leinheiser - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Guitars[solo]
Jerry Manfredi - Bass, Bass[solo]
Russ Battelene - Drums, Vocals
Chuck Silverman, Claudio Slon - Percussion
Tim Downs - Percussion
Steve Forman - Percussion,Timbali
Bobby Colomby - Background Vocals, Percussion
Francisco Aquabella - Congas
Victor Feldman - Vibes
Michael Brecker - Tenor Sax Solo
Horn Arranged by Randy Brecker
Strings Arranged and Conducted by Dave Grusin
Lani Groves - Vocals, Background Vocals
Philip Bailey, Donna Fien,Mary Hylan and Linda Mallah - Background Vocals


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I had no idea this even existed! It is pretty good...at first blush it seems to have a bit more funk influence...I hear War, EWF, Boz Skaggs and a couple of other influences I can't pin point right now. I guess the Phillip Bailey sound accentuates the EWF component but even the bass lines have a bit of an EWF feel. I love Pages vocals but they don't cut like the EWF vocals and seem a bit thin in comparison.

What a great find this is for me!!! You know, I never thought I would ever find the '81 Pages album and I'd be stuck with a totally lame third generation CDR from cassette till the end of my time. What a jewel you have given me...and a complete discography to go with the '81 album!!

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