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Time Design


Time Design - Time Design - 1991 - p.o.e

In 1980 Ron van Stratum, the great Netherlands' drummer moved to Tilburg (Netherlands) to study classical percussion at the Tilburg Conservatorium. He met keyboarder Wilbert Kivits but it wasn't untill 1987 before the two of them teamed up musically, and with the great Swedish jazz bassist Christian Fabian, they eventually founded the critically acclaimed jazz-rock-fusion band Time Design. They toured extensively, and performed at various venues, including the Jazz Mecca Festival. In 1991, the band released the s/t album posted here. In 1992 "Hands & Hearts" was released. Led by German bassist, Fabian Bausch, the group released its third CD, "No Barriers", in Europe in 1993 and in the U.S., in 1995. The international quartet includes American saxophonist Bill Vint; and Swedish drummer, Anders Brandt, and pianist, Patrik Andre'n. In 1991 Ron was asked to play with Belgium female popsinger Jo Lemaire. He toured the world with her and recorded "Aujourd'Hui". Around 1990 Ron was introduced to guitarist, Emiel van Egdom. It was in his band that Ron got the chance to play and tour with great U.S. artists like guitarist Eric Gale, saxman Bob Sheppard, pianist John Beasley, bassists Brian Bromberg and Chico Huff, and trumpeter Tony Guerrero. In 1993 Ron played in a German band which featured trumpet player Randy Brecker. In 2001 he toured with John Beasley (of Steely Dan and Miles Davis fame). Christian Fabian moved to the U.S. to study at the Berklee College of Music, and graduated with a B.A. in performance and film scoring. Starting in 1997, he spent several years playing bass with Lionel Hampton and worked with many other jazz veterans while building up a reputation in New York. He founded the Fabian Zone Trio with pianist Andy LaVerne and drummer Danny Gottlieb, and released the 2006 album "Across the Tracks". The second Fabian Zone Trio album, "Curtain of Life", was a jazz fusion recording and featured Fabian on electric bass, keyboardist Steve Hunt, and drummer Steve Michaud. The third album, from 2007, "The Masters Return" was fundamentally an acoustic album of jazz bebop numbers, and included Mike Longo (piano) and Lewis Nash (drums). Time Design's music is good original jazz rock fusion inspired by musicians like Billy Cobham, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Tribal Tech. The fusion outfit has a loyal fanbase in the Maastricht area. Check out the band's 1993 "No Barriers" albums, and Ron van Stratum has at least two solo albums available, "Going Out" and "Plain View".


The Larch (5:46)
Big Foot (6:13)
The Lowest Common Denominator (5:57)
Song For VΘ (5:46)
What To Do (5:09)
Long Distance Call (Parts 1-3) (9:56)
Who's Drivin' (5:12)
Higgledy Piggledy (6:23)
Two Fifteen (4:18)
Flavourist (4:27)


1991 LINE-UP

Johan Smeets - Guitar
Fabian Bausch - Bass
Wilbert Kivits - Keyboards
Ron van Stratum - Drums


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