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Mark DuFresne Band


Mark DuFresne Band - There's A Song In There - 1999 - Jeromed

A good blues, roots rock album flavoured with soul, and R & B. Kansas City born Mark DuFresne is backed on this album by some great West Coast blues musicians, including Larry Taylor, Richard Innes, Fred Kaplan and the great guitarist, Kid Ramos who played with The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Mark DuFresne is an underrated songwriter and vocalist, and one of the world's greatest blues harmonica players. He penned all eleven tracks on this timeless, and very enjoyable album. Buy his great "Out of That Bed" album, and promote the guy!


1. Seasoned veteran
2. The King, the man, the one
3. Two for the price of ten
4. Born to lose
5. Squeaky clean
6. A song in there
7. Call my name
8. Take it all
9. The deal you get
10. Tonight, twice
11. Out the door

All songs composed by Mark DuFresne


Mark DuFresne - Vocals, Harmonica
Kid Ramos, Mark Thijs - Guitars
Larry Taylor - Bass
Fred Kaplan - Piano
Richard Innes - Drums
Jerry Cook - Saxophones


"Original fresh songwriting at it's best"...... "Kid Ramos has a genius facility for calling up tone and guitar figures from everyone who has gone before. Fred Kaplans able left hand, and rangy right, can deliver musical threads drawn from Gospel to the whorehouse and turpentine camp professors. Legendary bassist, Larry Taylor massages both upright and electric bass with a wonderful ability to only be noticed if he stops. Richard "The Crusher" Innes defies his nickname with restrained, yet propulsive, drumming and ...hold on to your hat, superbly syncopated brushes on one tune! Mark rides these waves of support, masterfully, with harp sounds leaning on both Walters, Rice Miller, and even some thick humid Memphis rat-tone, here and there. "...........© "Uncle" Ray Varner http://northwestentertainment.com/nwblues/catalog6.html


Mark DuFresne is one of the most sought after Blues talents in the Northwest. The Washington Blues Society has awarded him for best vocalist, songwriter and harmonica more than any other artist. He has recorded three CD’s of all original music. “Out of That Bed”, “Have Another Round” and “There’s A Song In There”, which featured the lineup of the former Hollywood Fats Band. In 2002 Mark joined the coveted band “Roomful of Blues” as lead vocalist. While in that role the band received a Grammy nomination for “That’s Right”. They also won the W.C. Handy award for Best Band - 2004. The New England Blues monthly awarded him Best Blues Vocalist. He returned home to the Pacific Northwest in 2006 after a very successful and fun four and a half years. Recently he has had the pleasure to tour in Europe with Italy’s finest... Maurizio Pugno, guitar, Alberto Marsico, organ and bass, and Gio Rossi.. excellent musicians.. excellent pasta.....His work on the chromatic harmonica is considered as some of the most innovative in Blues music. His ability to circular breathe has left audiences amazed. “DuFresne is as distinctive as a vocalist as he is a fiery player; rather than recycling old riffs, his original compositions are tuneful, melodic and grooveworthy..” - Blues Review Magazine.... [ © http://www.markdufresne.net/Site/Welcome_.html ]


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