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Ian Carr


Ian Carr - Old Heartland - 1988 - MMC Recordings Ltd

The late great Ian Carr was a self-taught trumpeter who, as well as being a magnificent composer and musician, was among other things, a teacher, campaigner, biographer, journalist and a man who changed the course of jazz in the UK. He stripped jazz of it's elitist reputation, and with the great jazz fusion band, Nucleus, he gave jazz back to the people. The first half of the album is the four-part classical composition, "Northumbrian Sketches", for jazz ensemble and string orchestra, a composition solely by Ian Carr with guest musicians from the Kreisler String Orchestra. The rest of the album is performed by a Nucleus line-up of Ian Carr, Phil Todd, Mark Wood, Geoff Castle, Dill Katz, and John Marshall. "Old Heartland" received global acclaim and back in '88, the late, great Miles Davis asked for a copy of this album. Search this blog for more Ian Carr/Nucleus related recordings


1. Northumbrian Sketches Part 1: Open Country
2. Northumbrian Sketches Part 2: Interiors
3. Northumbrian Sketches Part 3: Disjunctive Boogie
4. Northumbrian Sketches Part 4: Spirit of Place
5. Full Fathom Five
6. Old Heartland
7. Things Past

All music composed by Ian Carr


Ian Carr / trumpet, amplified trumpet, flugelhorn, electric piano
Steve Berry, Mo Foster, Dill Katz / bass
Geoff Castle / Fender Rhodes & Yamaha electric pianos, synthesizers
Mark Wood / keyboards
John Marshall / drums
Phil Todd / wind
Mark Davies, Rachel Maguire, Robert Woollard / cello [from Kreisler String Orchestra]
Jub / double bass [from Kreisler String Orchestra]
Elspeth Cowey, Helen Kamminga , John Metcalfe , Mairi Campbell - Viola Abigail Brown, Anne Solomon, CB, Hilary Sturt, Kathy Shave, Louisa Fuller, Mark Pharoah, Michael Thomas, Richard Koster, Sonia Slany / violin [from Kreisler String Orchestra]


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