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Chris Nalbandian

Chris Nalbandian - Paralysis of Analysis - 2010 - Rudimental Records

I ran into Chris' music by reading the Planet X forum. I've been a Planet X fan for some quite time and when I heard the first notes and riffs I knew I needed to get this album. Seeing the guest artists made me even more intrigued since I love their music. I love Derek Sherinian's solo stuff (I prefer his solo stuff over Planet X); Lalu's "Oniric Metal" is a prog-metal masterpiece for me and I loved Shradane's "Temporal" as well; and I am familiar with Alex Argento's solo stuff with his solo album Ego which falls into the fusion category with Marco Sfogli on guitar (James LaBrie Solo, Solo artist) which is very enjoyable. I discovered Joop Wolter's guitar chops when listening to Shradane and fell in love with his monstrous riffs and guitar tone used in that album. Although I am not familiar with Gary Jibilian's or Chris Nalbandian's playing, I knew it had to be good because the album's cast is surrounded by extremely talented musicians. "Paralysis of Analysis" did not disapoint. It has become an instant favorite for this 2010. The music quickly reminds me of Planet X but with a heavier and more melodical twist (think of Derek's heavier songs from his extensive catalog but withouth the solo trade off's between keys and guitars). "Paralysis of Analysis" is a collection of great individually crafted songs where the song is never compromised by the musician's talents. It has the exact amount of musicianship and the exact amount of heavyness, fusion, and prog. I am forgetting to mention that the drums are played by Chris Nalbandian and he is quite a player (he quickly reminded me of a blend of Simon Phillips and Dave Dicenso) and the music was also written by him. This is a must-have release for fans of Planet X, Derek Sherinian, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Allan Holdsworth, instrumental rock/prog rock, and similar music. This release will not bore me for the rest of 2010 and beyond. And I know most of you will love this collection of music as much as I do. Recommended!!! © Oscar Quintero ***** © http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ChrisNalbandian

A great debut jazzy instrumental progressive metal album from the talented Canadian and L.A based drummer Chris Nalbandian with some wonderful solos and accompaniment featuring keyboard superstar Derek Sherinian, guitarist Joop Wolters, keyboardists Vivien Lalu and Alex Argento and bassist Gary Jibilian. HR by A.O.O.F.C. The SQ on this album is not great. Maybe I got a bad copy.Watch out for further releases by Chris [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 77.8 Mb]


1. Apesh!t 3:34
2. Analogic 3:25
3. Chosen One 3:48
4. Solace 3:18
5. Paralysis of Analysis 5:42
6. Powertrip 4:28
7. Relativity 3:46
8. Turbulence 4:24
9. One Thought 3:04

All tracks composed by Chris Nalbandian


Joop Wolters - Guitars (all tracks)
Gary Jibilian - Bass (all tracks)
Vivien Lalu - Keyboards (all tracks)
Derek Sherinian - Keyboards (tracks 3, 5, 6)
Alex Argento - Keyboards (tracks 5, 7)
Chris Nalbandian - Drums, Keyboards (all tracks)
Sir Millard Mulch - Extra Vocals/Whispers (track 5)


"Paralysis of Analysis" is definitely an understatement for Chris Nalbandian, who has been singing out melodies for songs for his debut solo record as far as 10 years ago. "It all started when I was waiting for the subway in my hometown of Montreal during a Christmas visit". Always a thinker of projects ahead, he wondered why he couldn't think correctly at that moment. That's when the title "Paralysis of Analysis" came out. "I quickly tried to think about some working song titles that were somewhat relevant to the album name. I wanted the order of the titles to kinda show what we go through when we think too much...which is maybe the story of my life, and the perfect name for my solo album which I always wanted." Driven by rhythm and simplicity, Chris is always learning with music. He always wanted to chronicle his songwriting as a soundtrack to his life. "This is a very personal record for me. I remember seeing some amazing drummers and musicians come to the Montreal Drum Fest every year, and each time I would promise myself that THIS would be the year where I would sit down and write my ideas for a record". However, his move to Los Angeles was the right energy that was needed in order to complete his efforts. Surrounded by amazing talent all over LA, especially long time good friends and world-renowned musicians Virgil Donati and Derek Sherinian, the inspiration was definitely set. "I've always loved the flow and intricacies of instrumental music. However, I've always loved the simplicity in music too. This was my ultimate goal. I wanted to incorporate all my favorite styles of music of Rock, Metal, Industrial Metal, Pop & Drum & Bass....all in one." Featuring keyboard superstar Derek Sherinian (Planet X, Billy Idol, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper), Vivien Lalu, Joop Wolters, Alex Argento and Gary Jibilian, this album surely delivers some moments of musical shredding all by countering with simple listenable moments. "I'm always listening, learning and creating. I plan to keep writing as some songs will be meant to be written in the many years to come". © Chris Nalbandian © http://www.chrisnalbandian.com/about.html