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Eugene Berger

Eugene Berger - Triple Core - 2011 - Eugene Berger

Eugene Berger is a professional progressive rock, fusion and funk guitarist and composer. He also works as a song arranger, music producer and guitar teacher. He was born in St. Petersburg and moved to Tel Aviv in 1992. “Triple Core” is his first release and is not disappointing. It’s an exceptional rock/fusion instrumental guitar album with great technique, and a lot of interesting detail. Eugene has impressed many well known musicians with his talents. Despite playing in bands for many years, he is not very well known outside Russia and Israel. He has opened for bands that include The Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, and Marco Minnemann). Check out a lot of video clips from Eugene @ http://shelf3d.com/Search/Uploaded%20by%20MrBerguitar and watch out for future releases from this guy [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 99.9 Mb]


1. Triple Core
2. Outraged Love
3. Funkissimo
4. Organic Light
5. Chrome
6. Olympic Love Games Award
7. Neverland
8. Fire, Water and Brass Pipes
9. In the East of Nowhere
10. PostScriptum

All tracks composed by Eugene Berger


Eugene Berger - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Nir Nakav - Drums


Eugene is a professional guitarist, studio and recording artist, composer, song arranger, music producer and a guitar teacher. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Eugene began as a classically trained violinist, graduating from one of the most selective and competitive music schools for exceptionally gifted children. At around twelve years of age he developed a strong passion for guitar, and he applied his strong knowledge of music theory, as well as his perfect pitch and excellent technique, to quickly pick up the instrument. Eugene's extensive childhood concert experience helped him to consistently win the first prize in all city competitions, held for young electric guitarists, by the age of sixteen. He played in various rock bands, toured Russia and much of Europe with the band that he started when he was seventeen, and produced his own records. He quickly became a highly respected musician for his versatility, advanced technique, rich tones, and accurate and precise performance. In 1992, Eugene followed his family and settled in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He continued playing in bands, ranging from metal to classic rock music, and once again he developed another aspect of his musical career. He became a producer, record engineer, arranger and studio guitarist; he produced many albums for artists with a variety of different styles, and he nurtured the careers of emerging singers and wrote songs for them. He played in commercials and in TV shows, and for the past ten years he has been a guitarist at the renowned drama theater Gesher in Tel-Aviv. As a seasoned musician with a deep knowledge of guitars and guitar equipment, he has been a consultant to a musical instruments distribution company for fifteen years. As a dedicated guitar teacher, Eugene developed his own unique method for improving finger velocity and hand synchronization, which will be published in the near future. Recently, Eugene produced his first instrumental rock-fusion album called "Triple Core" © Riffstate.com - All Rights Reserved http://www.riffstate.com/eugene-berger/


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