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Peter Greier

Peter Greier - ...Eat This - 2009 - DrumTex

The new CD from the Austrian Guitarist Peter Greier, guitar music not just for guitarists and brilliant composition spiced with excellent playing. Between rocking fusion and catchy tunes and some jazz flavour now and then. Featuring Alex Machacek playing a Solo on "Hendi" and the Austrian Popidol winner Michi Tschuggnall. More info www.petergreier.com Austrian born guitarist Peter Greier started his musical journey at the age of six singing in the church! Learning trumpet at the age of thirteen he switched to guitar one year later. While the first years of playing were mainly self-taught, he studied guitar seriously at the Conservatory of Innsbruck/Austria and the Munich Guitar Institute (MGI) with additional lessons by some of the finest players on the planet (Steve McKenna, Frank Gambale, David Becker,). In the 80s to the early 90s he played in the local rock band "Precious Stone", releasing the Cd "feel it tonight". As a session player he was hired for various musicals like "rent", "jesus christ superstar", "little shop of horrors", "Hair", "Grease" and several bands from rock to funk to fusion. Since 2003 he is in the band of Austrian's Pop Idol winner Michael Tschuggnall. Although since the very beginning of his musical carrier he was writing songs, it took many years to come to bring out his first solo release "eat this!" in 2009, featuring some of Austria's finest musicans like Christian Wegscheider, Willi Langer and Alex Machacek. By merging all the different influences and styles he grew up playing and listening to, "eat this!" seems to cause quite an international stir not only to the worldwide guitar community. © 2002-2014 AbstractLogix http://www.abstractlogix.com/xcart/product.php?productid=24359

Peter Greier is an Austrian musician, guitarist more precise who release his first album last year , 2009 named Eat this, but also he has a long career dated from late '80's in this business collaborating a long time with many musicians and acting as a session musician as well. The music is from rock, to more jazzy approach here and there, always very catchy and well played. Also are two track with vocals, one with female Sabine Greier and one with Walch. The music is ok, in places even great, but as a whole something is missing, I don't know exactly but if this was released 15 years ago it would be something else but today I'm not so impressed anymore, but doesn't mean is bad, only not really very interisting, just well played. Pieces like G1, Hendi or Saturday shows his talent, but the rest is just ok, good but nothing special. So a worthy 3 stars, but I'm not so impressed now as if I was 15 years in this kind of music. Still, a good record. ***/5 © b_olariu Sep 22 2010 © 2000 - 2013 rateyourmusic.com http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/peter_greier/___eat_this_/

Cool rocking fusion with some good catchy compositions and a nice jazz touch from the talented Austrian Guitarist Peter Greier. Some awesome playing by Greier and excellent musicianship all round including great guitar soloing from fellow Austrian Alex Machacek on "Hendi". The Austrian Popidol winner Michi Tschuggnall on bass, piano, and vocals also adds hugely to the quality of this album. There is nothing groundbreaking here, and it isn’t mind blowing power fusion in the style of guitarists like Brett Garsed , Greg Howe or Allan Holdsworth. Nevertheless it’s an album that deserves a bigger hearing from an exceptional Austrian guitarist. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 165 Mb]


1 G1 4:36
2 Hendi 4:21
3 Saturday 4:41
4 The Add 5:14
5 Dott 6:32
6 Hippatti 4:23
7 Rebekka 6:16
8 GeeCee 6:17
9 The Dream 4:20
10 Wohn 3:43
11 170602 6:35
12 Hidden Track [Precious Nights] 4:29

All music composed by Peter Greier. Michi Tschuggnall – Lyrics on Track 7: Sabine Greier – Lyrics on Track 8: Peter Greier & Dave Moskin – Lyrics on Track 9


Peter Greier (Guitars)
Alex Machacek (Guitar on Track 2)
Henry Sigl, Jürgen"navy"Nawratil, Robert Zimmermann, Willi Langer (Bass)
Michi Tschuggnall (Bass, Piano, Vocals)
Andy Mayerl (Upright Bass)
Christian Wegscheider, Kristian Tabakow, Raini Patscheider (Piano)
Franz Markt (Keyboards)
Thommy Tschuggnall (Keyboards, Backing Vocals)
Louis Goldblum, Manu Delago, Gerhard Egger, Christian Tschuggnall (Drums)
Charly Fischer (Percussion)
Christian Lamm, Hannes Sprenger (Saxophone)
Sabine Greier (Vocals)
Siggi Walch (Backing Vocals)
Track 12 “Played by Precious Stone”

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