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David Garfield And Friends - David Garfield And Friends Play Tribute To Jeff Porcaro - 1997 - Zebra

Recorded in Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Nashville, Tennessee between April 30 and August 26, 1996, This amazing album pays tribute to the unforgettable Jeff Porcaro. It features an all star cast of the finest musicians around, including all Toto members, Jeff's sons Miles, Chris and Nico, and Jeff's father Joe. The album contains some of Jeff's favorite tunes as well as new recordings of some all-time classics that Jeff originally played on. The album was released in the US on 19 August 1997. Has anybody any info on higher bitrate versions of this recording?


1. E Minor Shuffle
"Men with Keyboards"
Witten by David Paich
Produced by David Garfield
Arranged by David Garfield & Carlos Vega

David Garfield - electric piano, synths, synth solo, 2nd piano solo
David Paich - MIDI grand piano, 1st piano solo, organ
Steve Porcaro - synth, horns
James Newton Howard - "Funky Clav" sampled clavinet
Carlos Vega - drums
Jimmy Johnson - bass & fretless lead bass
Lenny Castro - chekere on breakdown, congas on tune
Luis Conte - conga solo & batas on breakdown, tambourine on tune
Michito Sanchez - talking drum solo & djembe on breakdown, chekere on tune
Chris Trujillo - Cowbell
Luis Enrique - congas on breakdown, cowbell on tune
Joe Porcaro - pods on breakdown, crashers on tune
John Peña - clave cowbell on breakdown
2. Let's Stay Together
Written by Al Green, Willie Mitchell, Al Jackson
Produced & arranged by David Garfield
Vocal arrangement: Bill Champlin, Richard Marx, David Pack & David Garfield

JPaulette Browne - lead vocal, 1st verse
Michael McDonald - lead vocal, 2nd verse & chorus
David Pack - lead vocal, 3rd verse
Don Henley - chorus vamp #2
Richard Marx - chorus vamp #4
Bill Champlin - chorus vamp #6, vocal step outs
"The Primo Donnas" - background vocals
(Don Henley, Bill Champlin, Richard Marx, David Pack)
David Garfield - acoustic piano & pads
Joe Sample - electric piano "The Teacher"
Benmont Tench - organ
Steve Ferrone - drums
Larry Klimas - tenor sax
Nathan East - bass "My Late Mate Nate"
David T. Walker - rhythm guitar (left side)
Mike Landau - wah wah guitar (right side)
Steve Lukather - acoustic/electric "Luke" guitar (center)
Lenny Castro - congas & percussion
3. Twenty-One Drum Salute
"So many drummers, so little time"
Written by David Garfield, Joe Porcaro, Gregg Bissonette
Produced by David Garfield
Arranged by David Garfield, Alan Hirshberg & Joe Porcaro

Joe Porcaro - "taps" toms
Mike Porcaro - Zildjian trash hats
Chris, Miles & Nico Porcaro - snare drum cadence
Chase Porcaro Duddy - tom toms w/mallets
Abe Laboriel Jr. - floor tom tom
Simon Phillips - gong drum
Gregg Bissonette - drumkit (basic track)
Steve Gadd - drum kit
Vinnie Colaiuta - drum kit (filling the holes)
Dave Weckl - drum kit w/filter (lone drummer in the distance)
Steve Ferrone - snare drum (back beats)
Peter Erskine - piatti & sopranino snare w//Ed Thigpen brushes
John Guerin - "Now's the time" toms & snare drum (and of two)
Ralph Humphrey - "Gran Cassa" bass drum & sidestick snare
John Ferraro - very old snare drum w/boo bams
Richie Hayward & Jim Keltner - drum sets played together w/brushes
Lenny Castro - marching field drum
Steve Jordan - cocktail drums
4. Lowdown
Written by Boz Scaggs, David Paich
Produced by David Garfield
Arranged by David Garfield & Donald Fagen
Vocal Arrangement: Joseph Williams & Jason Scheff

Abraham Laboriel Jr. - drums
"Ready" Freddy Washington - "P" bass
David Paich - Leslie Fender Rhodes
David Garfield - acoustic piano, electric piano & synths
Steve Porcaro - strings & synths
David Williams - "wah wah" guitar
Michael Paulo - alto sax
Chris Trujillo - congas
Joseph Williams & Jason Scheff ("The Jo-Ettes") - background vocals
5. If Six was Nine
Written by Jimi Hendrix
Produced by David Garfield & Michael Landau
Arranged by David Garfield, Michael Landau, Simon Phillips, Will Lee

Michael Landau - lead guitar, lead vocal (chorus)
Simon Phillips - drums, spoken word (white collar conservative)
Will Lee - bass, lead vocals (verse)
David Garfield - synth organ, acoustic piano, spoken words
Eddie Van Halen - guitar on intro (right side) and high part on chorus
6. Bag's Groove (1st song Jeff learned to play)
Written by Milt Jackson
Produced and arranged by David Garfield

Joe Porcaro - drums
Emil Richards - vibraphone
David Garfield - acoustic piano
Tom Scott - alto & tenor sax
Walt Fowler - trumpet
Denny Dias - guitar (Dr. BeBop)
Chuck Domanico - acoustic bass
7. My Heart Wants To Know
Written by David Garfield, John Peña, Jason Scheff, Larry Lee
Produced & arranged by David Garfield
Vocal arrangement: Bill Champlin

Jason Scheff - lead & background vocals "Snuggy"
Bill Champlin - background vocals "The Enforcer"
Joseph Williams - background vocals "The Director"
David Garfield - MIDI grand piano & synths "Creatchy"
Tris Imboden - drums "The Locksmith"
Mike Landau - guitar (stereo) "Bulge"
Jay Graydon - guitar (stereo) "Jake the Rake"
John Peña - bass "Big Mondongas"
Jimmy Haslip - lead fretless bass "You're Smokin"
Lenny Castro - congas "Stinky"
Michito Sanchez - percussion "Little Mitch"
Brandon Fields - alto sax
8. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
Written by Bob Dylan
Produced & arranged by David Garfield
Boz Scaggs - lead vocal
David Garfield - acoustic piano
Mike Finnigan - organ
Jim Keltner - drums & tambourine
Richie Hayward - drums
Larry Klimas - tenor sax
Neil Stubenhaus - bass
Eddie Van Halen - lead guitar (1st solo)
Paul Barrere - slide guitar (2nd solo)
Fred Tackett - guitar
9. Babylon Sisters
Written by Donald Fagen, Walter Becker
Produced & arranged by David Garfield
Synths arranged & programmed by Michael Boddicker

Voice of Jeff Porcaro: "This is Bernard Purdie"
David Garfield - MIDI grand piano, mini moog & msc synths
Gred Phillinganes - electric piano
Michael "The Cleaner" Boddicker - synthsizers
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - drums
Bob Sheppard - tenor sax
Lee Sklar - bass & barking dogs (Do you have a razor?)
Michael Landau - rhythm guitar
10. Stuffy
Written by David Garfield
Produced & arranged by David Garfield
Horns arranged by Tom Scott & Jerry Hey
"Tom & Jerry"

David Garfield - MIDI grand piano & acoustic piano
Greg Mathieson - Hammond B3 organ
Steve Gadd - drums
Tom Scott - tenor & baritone saxes
Jerry Hey - trumpet & flugelhorn
Abe Laboriel Sr. - bass
Larry Carlton - guitar
Luis Conte - congas
Michito Sanchez - cowbell
Lenny Castro - tambourine
Chris Trujillo - shaker
11. Jeff's Strut
Written by Joe Porcaro
Produced by David Garfield
Arranged by David Garfield & Joe Porcaro
Horns arranged by Tom Scott & Jerry Hey "Tom & Jerry"

David Garfield - Midi grand piano & synths
Greg Mathieson - Hammond B3 organ
Steve Gadd - drums
Tom Scott - alto, tenor & baritone saxes
Jerry Hey - trumpet
Abe Laboriel Sr. - bass
Larry Carlton - guitar
Luis Conte - congas & percussion
12. Big Bone
Written by Jeff Porcaro, David Garfield
Produced by David Garfield
Arranged by David Garfield & Gregg Bissonette

David Garfield - keyboards
Gregg Bissonette - drums
Steve Lukather - guitars
Mike Porcaro - bass
Lenny Castro - congas & percussion
Walt Fowler - trumpet & flugelhorn
Brandon Fields - soprano sax
13. Long Time No Groove
Written by David Garfield & David Benoit
Produced by David Garfield
Arranged by David Garfield & David Hungate

David Garfield - synth pads
David Benoit - acoustic grand piano
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums & cymbals "Brush Birds Flying Away at End"
David Hungate - lead melody fretless bass
Jimmy Haslip - additional low bass note on intro "Smokin"


Michael MacDonald Vocals
Richard Marx Arranger, Choir, Chorus
Shawn McLean Assistant Engineer
Darren Mora Overdubs, Assistant Engineer
Erwin Musper Overdubs
David Paich Organ, Arranger, ?, Piano
Jeff Porcaro Voices, Illustrations
John Pena Bass, Claves, Post Production, Digital Editing
Greg Phillinganes Piano (Electric)
Steve Porcaro Synthesizer, Strings, Horn
Mike Porcaro Bass
Joe Porcaro Arranger, Tom-Tom, Drums
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie Drums
Robert Read Overdubs, Assistant Engineer
Emil Richards Vibraphone
Michael Rodriguez Overdubs
Michito Sanchez Percussion, Drums, Chekere, Djembe, Cowbell
Jason Scheff Arranger, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Ricky Schultz Executive Producer
Neil Stubenhaus Bass
Fred Tackett Guitar
Chris Trujillo Conga, Shaker, Cowbell
Eddie Van Halen Guitar, Choir, Chorus
Carlos Vega Arranger, Drums
Dave Weckl Drums
David Williams Guitar
Denny Dias Guitar
Dan Thompson Assistant Engineer
Freddie Washington Bass
Leland Sklar Bass
Bill Smith Assistant Engineer
Eric Scott Design
Gavin Lurssen Mastering
Armando Gallo Photography
Steve Genewick Assistant Engineer
Jim Giddenes Assistant Engineer
Alan Hirschberg Arranger, Mixing, Engineer, Overdubs
Yvonne Wish Production Coordination, Project Assistant
Hiro Yamashita Executive Producer
Joseph Williams Arranger, Vocals (Background)
J.J. Blair Assistant Engineer
Steve Jordan Drums
Abe Laboriel Jr. Drums, Tom-Tom
Yoshie Yokoyama Art Direction
David Caballero Photography
Paul Barrére Slide Guitar
Bill Champlin Arranger, Choir, Chorus, Vocals (Background)
Mike Finnigan Organ
Simon Phillips Arranger, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part, Gong, Drums
David T. Walker Guitar (Rhythm)
Jim Keltner Drums, Tambourine
Robert Knight Photography
Luis Enrique Conga, Cowbell
Doug Brown Creative Director
Jimmy Haslip Bass, Fretless Bass
Benmont Tench Organ
David Benoit Piano
Gregg Bissonette Arranger, Drums
Michael Boddicker Synthesizer, Programming, Arranger
Lenny Castro Percussion, Conga, Chekere, Tambourine, Drums
Vinnie Colaiuta Cymbals, Drums
Luis Conte Percussion, Bata, Tambourine, Conga
Nathan East Bass
John Ferraro Drums (Snare)
Steve Ferrone Drums, Drums (Snare)
Brandon Fields Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
Walt Fowler Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Steve Gadd Drums
David Garfield Organ, Synthesizer Pads, Mini Moog, Concept, Main Performer, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part, Producer, Piano (Electric), Keyboards, Synthesizer, Arranger, Piano
Jay Graydon Guitar
John Guerin Tom-Tom, Drums (Snare)
Richard Hayward Drums
Jerry Hey Trumpet, Arranger, Flugelhorn
Ralph Humphrey Drums (Bass), Drums (Snare)
David Hungate Arranger
Tris Imboden Drums
Paul Jackson, Jr. Guitar (Rhythm)
Jimmy Johnson Bass
Leslie Ann Jones Assistant Engineer
Larry Klimas Sax (Tenor)
Abraham Laboriel Bass
Michael Landau Guitar, Arranger, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Will Lee Bass, Arranger, Vocals
Steve Lukather Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Guitar
Donald Fagen Arranger
Don Henley Choir, Chorus, ?
Michael McDonald Vocals
Boz Scaggs Bass
Larry Carlton Guitar
Peter Erskine Drums (Snare), Piatti
James Newton Howard Clavinet
Greg Mathieson Organ (Hammond)
Michael Paulo Sax (Alto)
Joe Sample Piano (Electric)
Tom Scott Arranger, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor), Sax (Baritone)
Bob Sheppard Sax (Tenor)


Tribute to Jeff by David Garfield & Friends vigorously celebrates the life of multiple Grammy-winning drummer and first-call L.A. session cat Jeff Porcaro rather than choosing to mourn the tragedy of his early death in 1992 at age 38. Though best known for his skinwork in the pop supergroup Toto, Porcaro's influence on the music scene ranged beyond the light pop/rock the band was known for; he grew up on jazz and his diverse timekeeping skills were tapped by everyone from Boz Scaggs, Bruce Springsteen, and Don Henley to Stan Getz and Larry Carlton. He was also the backbone of the longstanding L.A. club-hopping band Los Lobotomys, the fusion-oriented '80s and early-'90s answer to Tom Scott & the L.A. Express featuring pianist Garfield and Toto member Steve Lukather on guitar (Joe Sample would occasionally sit in on second keyboard). In his two decades on the scene, Porcaro made a wealth of friends from all genres, ranging from hard rock to soul, blues, and straight-ahead jazz. Garfield, a veteran of the L.A. scene known for his long-term stint as George Benson's musical director, recalls his late friend as "the ultimate team player, never a forefront kind of guy, with a special camaraderie with musicians." As ringleader, arranger, and producer of the project, as well as lead performer, Garfield succeeds in capturing that sort of ensemble spirit. With 75 musicians participating, the pianist faced a four-month logistical nightmare of studio schedule-crunching in L.A., Nashville, and New York, but, using Porcaro as a muse (by virtue of lighting candles and occasionally playing cassettes of the guest of honor's interviews), Garfield & Friends pull off the ultimate wake, a remarkably all-encompassing, frequently unpredictable overview that, well, Porcaro would have doubtless killed to play on. © Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide


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