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Flim and the BBs


Flim and the BBs - Tunnel - 1984 - DMP Records

Flim & the BB's are a contemporary jazz band that formed in the late seventies and are the first jazz band to appear on compact disc. The band's name comes from the nickname of Jimmy Johnson and the initials of the other two members, Bill Berg and Billy Barber (Dick Oatts, a woodwind player, would join the group in 1984.) They are most notable for the 90's theme song to the American soap opera All My Children and for making one of the first all-digital recordings in 1978 (though the prototype machine which was used was the only machine able to read the master tape.) The band, with Johnson's pioneering five-string bass from Alembic, went on to create five critically acclaimed albums for DMP Records before signing with Warner Bros. Records Their albums Tricycle, Tunnel, and Big Notes all won Digital Audio's "Jazz CD of The Year" award. Reminiscent of Spyro Gyra, this is light jazz fusion at it's best. The musical artistry on this album should appeal to lovers of all types of jazz, and indeed, to anybody who appreciates good music.


Light at the End of the Tunnel
Room With a View
Man Overboard
Surprise Party
Innocent Bystander
Ivory Tower
Momentary Truce
High Roller
November Nights


Billy Barber - keyboard
Bill Berg - drums
Jimmy Johnson - bass
Dick Oatts - reeds


One of the most popular fusion and light jazz groups to emerge during the 1980s Flim and the BBs comprised bassist Jimmy Johnson keyboardist Billy Barber percussionist Billy Berg and reeds player Dick Oatts For the record Flim was an old nickname of Johnsons while the BBs originated from Barber and Bergs shared initials Debuting in 1982 with the album Tricycle Flim and the BBs fusion sound proved ideally suited for the onset of the compact disc boom they were among the first artists to record utilizing digital technology and albums like 1985s Big Notes and 1987s Neon quickly found a following not only among contemporary jazz fans but also among tech-heads After 1988s Further Adventures the quartet departed indie label DMP for Warner Bros making their major-label debut a year later with New Pants 1992s This Is a Recording was their final effort © Jason Ankeny All Music Guide


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