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Sandspider - Music For An Imaginary Film - 2004 - Millenium

Brilliant electronic ambient downtempo electro-funk. Sandspider have been producing quality electronic music now for over 6 years. Influenced by Orbital, and Future Sound Of London. Check out their albums, "Spider", & "Killing Time". Also check out "Humidity", by Heights Of Abraham, on The Pork Recordings label.


01. Crisis
02. Intro
03. Small Town Hasslesir
04. Approach
05. Zoned
06. The Groove
07. Levchenko
08. Interlude
09. Ten Spoons
10. Late
11. Realism
12. Wrong Number
13. No Time Left
14. Eyes I Dare Not Meet
15. Nightmares
16. Outro


This whole journey is being accompanied by 16 tracks, which are simply fantastic. With one half of Sandspider living in London, and the other half in Glasgow, it might seem impossible to collaborate, but instead of shifting equipment backwards and forwards in cabs, much of the work for 'Music For An Imaginary Film' has been done over the internet. The ideas came together slowly and gradually during many late night phone calls and live link ups. Ideas bounced back and forth across no mans land in various forms until the idea was complete. Sandspider is not your usual computer generated Chill Out act but a Production Team producing atmospheric music with a true human feel to it and a musical quality which will keep this Album alive for a long time! © 2007 Psyshop.com


Sandspider, A.K.A, Matt Embleton & Alan McDermott are an electro ambient dub lounge outfit formed in London in late 1998. Originally signed to Worm Interface, then moved to Millennium Records.