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Baby Mammoth


Baby Mammoth - Seven Up - 2001 - Pork Recordings

Baby Mammoth, aka Mark Blissenden and Andrew Burdall have created some astonishingly good albums which too many prople are unfamiliar with. "Seven Up" is a brilliant example of the downbeat/electronica genre. Pork Recordings have released some amazing albums that need to be heard. Check out , (if you can find them), Humidity by Heights Of Abraham, Nut Roast by Bullitnuts, or East Coast Chip Shop by Moss.


1.1 (6:34)
2.And I'll See You (8:09)
3.Baroque 'n' Roll (6:41)
4.Frozen (7:26) - Flute - Bernard Moss
5.Pink Elephants (Live) (4:21) - Drums - Andy Dimmack, Flute - Bernard Moss, Keyboards - Carl Hogarth
6.Lazy (6:51)
7.Deadpool (5:51)
8.Perfect World (5:10)
9.Frank's Angels (6:24)


Artwork By - Designmule
Engineer, Mixed By - Mike Bolton (2)
Guitar - Tom Harland (tracks: 1, 5, 6)
Music By - Burdall* , Dimmack* (tracks: 5) , Moss* (tracks: 5) , Hogarth* (tracks: 5) , Blissenden* , Harland* (tracks: 5)
Photography - Mark Blissenden
Engineered and produced at Sunken Isle except 5: recorded at Powerstage Studios, Burton Agnes.


Amidst heavy competition, Baby Mammoth is the Pork label's most prolific act, packing in five full LPs of blunted instrumental hip-hop between their debut in late 1996 and the end of the decade. Like other Pork acts Fila Brazillia and Solid Doctor, the duo of Mark Blissenden and Andrew Burdall specialize in earthy breaks and ambient atmospheres, more slanted to the instrumental edge of acid jazz than other producer-based trip-hop acts. The pair first met Pork label-head Dave Brennand and associate Steve Cobby (aka Fila Brazillia) at a club in Hull, where both band and label are based. The relationship blossomed with the release of Baby Mammoth's debut, 10,000 Years Beneath the Street, in 1996. Blissenden and Burdall then released two albums the following year (as well as an EP and single). Baby Mammoth settled down to a more languid release schedule with one LP release each year in 1998 (Another Day at the Orifice), 1999 (Swimming) 2000 (Motion Without Pain), and 2001 (Seven Up). After a year long break, the band returned with Octo Muck in 2003. A year later, Blissenden teamed with labelmates Steve Cobby and Robert Ellerby from Beige for the Fabric 18 mix CD. © John Bush, All Music Guide