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Funky Junction (A.K.A Thin Lizzy)


Funky Junction - Tribute to Deep Purple - 1973 - Stereo Gold Award

A very rare early 70’s recording from Thin Lizzy (Phil Lynott, Brian Downey and Eric Bell). This, the first known Purple tribute was recorded as early as 1972. In those early days, Thin Lizzy (which consisted of Bell, Downey & Lynott) were hardly known as a rock group. The group was struggling financially at the time and this project was designed to bring in some money. They were offered a lump sum of money to record some Deep Purple songs for Decca Records, in London, using the name " Funky Junction", with the help from two Irish guys, Benny White and Dave Lennox respectively, both from the Dublin band Elmer Fudd. The album came out in early 1973, and also had a few non-DP tracks. A photo of the group,Hard Stuff, who recorded for the Purple label was used for the album cover. The album was a dismal failure. Don't expect too much of this album, (including the imperfect vinyl rip sound), as these versions can in no way compete with the Purple originals. Thin Lizzy, in 1972, were only emerging as a rock band, and still had many skills to acquire. Also the line-up had not developed into the Thin Lizzy who went on to become one of the greatest rock bands of all time. The album may be for diehard Lizzy fans only, but definitely worth listening to. Has anybody any info on the non DP tracks, Palamatoon, & Corina, and also, the band Elmer Fudd? Posts appreciated.


Philip Lynott - bass
Brian Downey - drums
Eric Bell - guitar
Benny White - vocals
Dave Lennox - keyboards

Produced by Leo Muller


Fireball (original D.P song)
Black Night (original D.P song)
Strange Kind of Woman (original D.P song)


Hush (original D.P song)
Rising Sun
Speed King (original D.P song)


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read it all at http://www.thehighwaystar.com/specials/funky/review%201.html

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