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John Barry - The Cotton Club (Soundtrack) - 1984


John Barry - The Cotton Club (Soundtrack) - 1984 - Geffen

The movie by Coppola looks at the battle for control in prohibition-era Harlem. The Cotton Club is the place to be, where jazz is the sound of choice and glitz and glamour are all the rage. Even if you're not a great fan of jazz, this is a great album to listen to. Great music from some of the greatest jazz composers of all time. John Barry throws in a few nice tunes as well. It is also worthwhile checking out Steely Dan's amazing version of East St. Louis Toodle-O.


01. The Mooche - Ellington/Mills
02. Cotton Club Stomp #2 - John Barry
03. Drop Me Off In Harlem - Ellington; Nick A. Kenny
04. Creole Love Call - Ellington
05. Ring Dem Bells - Ellington/Mills
06. East St. Louis Toodle-O - Bubber Miley/Ellington
07. Truckin' - John Barry
08. ILL Wind - Harold Arlen; Ted Koehler
09. Cotton Club Stomp #1 - John Barry
10. Mood Indigo - Barney Bigard; Duke Ellington; Irving Mills
11. Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway; Clarence Gaskill; Irving Mills
12. Copper Colored Gal - John Barry
13. Dixie Kidnaps Vera - John Barry
14. The Depression Hits Best Beats Sandman - John Barry
15. Daybreak Express Medley - Ellington