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Mott The Hoople


Mott The Hoople - Mott The Hoople - 1969 - Island (UK)

From the brilliant cover illustration by M.C. Escher to what nearly every critic called a "straightfaced" version of Sonny Bono's "Laugh At Me" (as though it was impossible to perform it any other way), Mott The Hoople's debut album showedthat they were clearly no ordinary post-psychedelic Britishband. Their original material, particularly guitarist Mick Ralph's "Rock And Roll Queen", presaged the glam sound for which they would later become renowned. Appropriately, Mott The Hoople was produced by the inventive (and seriously whacked) Guy Stevens. A decade later, the Clash, who were strongly influenced by Mott The Hoople, called upon him to produce LONDON CALLING., © 1996-2007, Amazon.com, Inc. and its affiliates

Not the strongest debut album, but .it's still a respectable beginning, maybe leaning too heavily on their Blonde On Blonde influence. Check out their "Fairfield Halls Live 1970 " album, and get a taste of what this great rock group were all about.


1 You Really Got Me (Davies)
2 At The Crossroads (Doug Sahm)
3 Laugh At Me (Sonny Bono)
4 Backsliding Fearlessly (Hunter)
5 Rock And Roll Queen (Ralphs)
6 Rabbit Foot And Toby Time (Ralphs)
7 Half Moon Bay (Ralphs/Hunter)
8 Wrath And Roll (Stevens)
9.Ohio (live) - (Neil Young) - BONUS - On 2003 CD Angel Air (UK) Release
10.Find Your Way - (Ralphs) - BONUS - On 2003 CD Angel Air (UK) Release


Bass - Overend Watts
Drums - Dale Griffin
Engineer - Andy Johns
Lead Vocals, Piano - Ian Hunter
Organ - Verden Allen
Producer - Guy Stevens
Vocals, Guitar [Lead] - Mick Ralphs


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Certifiablockhead said...

Mott The Hoople is Rock'n'Roll. They throw to the head and the guts, staying in close and giving no quarter. It's an exaltation of Rock Culture.

Mott lives...

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Certifiablockhead. HNY 2U! Ian Hunter never took any prisoners. MTH's music should be force fed to all those "One Direction" fans out there! (lol). Thanks, & TTU later...Paul