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Savoy Brown


Savoy Brown - A Step Further - 1969 - Parrot

Terrific early sixties blues rock album from Savoy Brown. One of the earliest of British blues bands, Savoy Brown (with founder guitarist and longtime member Kim Simmonds at the helm) helped launch the U.K. blues/rock movement that paved the way for such acts as Led Zeppelin. In 1969 they captured the spirit of the band's exuberant live performances on this album with a twenty minute rendition of "The Savoy Brown Boogie," dedicated to fans in Detroit, where Savoy Brown were really appreciated. Check out their other albums, the hard rocking Rock And Roll Warriors (1981) and the acoustic blues album Slow Train (1986 on Relix). Great stuff.


1. Made Up My Mind - Chris Youlden
2. Waiting In The Bamboo Grove - Kim Simmonds
3. Life's One Act Play - Chris Youlden
4. I'm Tired/Where Am I - Chris Youlden, Willis, Brown
5. Savoy Brown Boogie (Live): Feel So Good/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Little Queenie/Purple Haze... [Live][Medley] - Chuck Berry, Chris Youlden, Kim Simmonds, Williams, Willis, Ross Lomas


Kenny Wheeler (Trumpet), Bob Hall (Piano), Bob Hall (Trumpet), Bob Hall (Violin), Don Lusher (Trombone), Mike Vernon (Percussion), Mike Vernon (Bells), Mike Vernon (Producer), Mike Vernon (Cowbell), Chris Youlden (Trumpet), Chris Youlden (Violin), Chris Youlden (Vocals), Eddie Blair (Trumpet), Des Bradley (Violin), Savoy Brown (Handclapping), Savoy Brown (Main Performer), Raymond Davis (Flugelhorn), Raymond Davis (Horn), Roger Earl (Trumpet), Roger Earl (Violin), Roger Earl (Conga), Roger Earl (Drums), Roger Earl (Vocals), John Edwards (Trombone), Bob Efford (Saxophone), Bob Efford (Sax (Tenor)), David Grinsted (Engineer), Bobby Haughey (Flugelhorn), Bobby Haughey (Horn), Anthony Hawkins (Remastering), Don Honeywell (Saxophone), Don Honeywell (Sax (Baritone)), Butch Hudson (Trumpet), Rex Morris (Saxophone), Rex Morris (Sax (Tenor)), Terry Noonan (Arranger), Terry Noonan (Conductor), Lonesome Dave Peverett (Guitar), John Punter (Assistant Engineer), Phil Reid (Violin), Lionel Ross (Cello), John Shineborne (Cello), Kim Simmonds (Guitar), Kim Simmonds (Harmonica), Kim Simmonds (Trumpet), Kim Simmonds (Violin), Kim Simmonds (Cowbell), Tony Stevens (Bass), Tony Stevens (Percussion), Charles Vorzanger (Violin), Colin Freeman (Assistant Engineer), Tone Stevens (Bass), Tone Stevens (Trumpet), Tone Stevens (Violin), Tone Stevens (Conga), Tone Stevens (Drums), David Bellman (Viola), Percy Coates (Violin), Jack Fields (Violin), Maurice Loban (Viola), John Meek (Viola), John Ronayne (Violin), Louis Rose (Viola), John Tonayne (Violin), John Tracy (Liner Notes), John Tracy (Coordination), Terence Ibbott (Photography), Don Honeywill (Sax (Baritone))


With Kim Simmonds and Chris Youlden combining their talents in Savoy Brown's strongest configuration, 1969's A Step Further kept the band in the blues-rock spotlight after the release of their successful Blue Matter album. While A Step Further may not be as strong as the band's former release, all five tracks do a good job at maintaining their spirited blues shuffle. Plenty of horn work snuggles up to Simmonds' guitar playing and Youlden's singing is especially hearty on "Made up My Mind" and "I'm Tired." The first four tracks are bona fide Brown movers, but they can't compete with the 20-plus minutes of "Savoy Brown Boogie," one of the group's best examples of their guitar playing prowess and a wonderful finale to the album. This lineup saw the release of Raw Sienna before Lonesome Dave Peverett stepped up to the microphone for Looking In upon the departure of Youlden, but the new arrangement was short lived, as not long after three other members exited to form Foghat. As part of Savoy Brown's Chris Youlden days, A Step Further should be heard alongside Getting to the Point, Blue Matter, and Raw Sienna, as it's an integral part of the band's formative boogie blues years. © Mike DeGagne, All Music Guide, © 2007 Answers Corporation. All rights reserved