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Status Quo


Status Quo - Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon - 1970 - Pye

A great Quo album. Status Quo produced some great blues rock boogie in their early days. This album is nearly unrecognizable from their later stuff. This is the real Quo before they became overcommercialised. Give it a listen. You'll be amazed!


1. Spinning Wheel Blues (Rossi/Young) - 3:21
2. Daughter (Lancaster) - 3:01
3. Everything (Rossi/Parfitt) - 2:36
4. Shy Fly (Rossi/Young) - 3:49
5. April Spring Summer And Wednesdays (Rossi/Young) - 4:12
6. Junior's Wailing (White/Pugh) - 3:33
7. Lakky Lady (Rossi/Parfitt) - 3:14
8. Need Your Love (Rossi/Young) - 4:46
9. Lazy Poker Blues (Green/Adams) - 3:37
10. Is It Really Me/Gotta Go Home (Lancaster) - 9:34


Francis Rossi - guitar, vocals
Rick Parfitt - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Alan Lancaster - bass, guitar, vocals
John Coghlan - drums, percussion


It's very easy to judge bands on the embarassments they later become. Is it that hard to believe that once upon a time Status Quo were actually quite good? Even Cliff Richard, once upon a time, was making vital if derivative Rock n Roll records, before releasing an odious vomit inducing Xmas single every December. What may surprise many music followers is how heavy Status Quo are here. Yes, 'Ma Kelly's' Greasy Spoon' saw a wholly succesful reinvention for the group. Out went the whimsy and the summer of love, in came long hair, long trousers and boogie rock n roll. They haven't quite reached the formula of later years, 'Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon' is actually quite a varied album, within an admittedly narrow vision of music. It's all rock music, but we've elements of the blues, we've fast songs, slow songs. A decent rhythm section and a selection of songs that display good interplay between the band members. 'Lazy Poker Blues' for instance is a decent blues tune, utterly unoriginal of course, yet plenty of bands were unoriginal at the time. A stand-out arrives with the mighty 'April Spring Summer And Wednesdays', it's got a groove, man. Ah, are you a modern music lover? Have you heard Kings Of Leon? People that are old Quo fans, buy either of the first two Kings Of Leon records. Kings Of Leon fans? Buy 'Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon'. I like going back into the past of music and linking it to new groups. Another highlight arrives with 'Shy Fly', speedy rock music with clashing cymbals, rumbling bass and decent lead guitar.

Of the later, famous Quo style, opening track 'Spinning Wheel Blues' clearly demonstrates where it came from. Another decent lead guitar part here. Well, Quo weren't virtuoso's, but they were pretty tight within what they were trying to do. It's so different to the first two albums as to almost be a different band altogether, they deserve credit for that, ditching the style that had brought them an international hit song with 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men'. Ah, good harmonica blasting away during the second part of 'Spinning Wheel Blues', in particular. Factor in that none of the tracks on this album come across as filler, add in the nine minute plus closing tune. A closing tune that ends with a lengthy jam session, an impressive one too. We dig the Quo! I could ask a stupid question right about now. Status Quo, whilst meaning nothing in the USA, have been hugely popular all across Europe. Yet there appears to be little discussion about them in terms of analysis on the web? I don't mean in-depth articles, even a decent comprehensive review page seems impossible to come across. Status Quo are far from being my favourite group, they did some pretty terrible stuff through the years and clearly influenced some of the sillier moments in Spinal Tap. Yet, credit where credit is due. And yes, I do intent to at least correct one thing. There will be a comprehensive review page, this one. © Adrian's Album Reviews, www.adriandenning.co.uk/quo.html

A change in style can be very risky especially when you decide to leave the reason of your success behind and start all over. by the beginning of 1970 STATUS QUO were teetering on the edge with sales down and their name out of fashion. Both events set a very demoralizing background for the band. However perseverance and good management set the pace for the new boogie rock denim clad bluesy combo. Following a hit single "Down The Dustpipe" (not included in the album in the best tradition of charts hitting bands) Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon had all the numbers to be a best seller great cover artwork which has since become a trademark icon of dirty pub rock paraphernalia depicting an old waitress dangling her cheap fag from the corner of her mouth and unstoppable radio promotion giving the band the credit that this genuinely inspired new album deserved. © 2003 osCommerce, www.systemrecords.co.uk/statusquomakellysgreasyspoonlp-p-9934.html


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