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Charles Ford Band

Charles Ford Band - As Real As It Gets - 1983 - CrossCut

The Charles Ford Band was a unit completely committed to making blues-based music that was 100% real. Every song they played counted and every note was important. Though many of the songs thay performed were not originals, they were all infused with a spirit and energy (and often a completely new arrangement) that made each song theirs. Muddy Waters was so impressed by the band that he talked Chess Records into offering them a contract. . . . This is blues "Ford Style" and it's AS REAL AS IT GETS © Blue Rock'It Records 2001--2007
Excellent album from the Charles Ford Band. This band has undergone many name, (Charles Ford Blues Band, Real Charles Ford Band, Charles Ford Band),and personnel changes, too numerous to mention here, but on this recording, with three of the Ford brothers performing, including Robben Ford, one of the greatest rock guitarists ever born, this album is what the blues is all about. Check out Robben Ford's astonishing credentials sometime. He has played with Tom Scott and L.A. Express, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison, Michael McDonald, was once a sideman for the legendary Miles Davis, and formed the huge jazz rock/fusion band, The Yellowjackets. To get back to the album, and leaving his talented brothers aside, there are also great performances from bassist, Stan Poplin, and guest musicians, Russell Ferrante on keyboards,and Michael Osborn who plays guitar on "Look Over Yonders Wall." The band is named after the Ford brothers' father Charles, who was reputed to be a very good guitarist. Has anybody any information on this?


1. Gibson Creek Shuffle - Ford
2. Look Over Yonders Wall - Clark
3. Driftin' Blues - Brown/Moore/Williams
4. Killer Joe - Golson
5. All Those Blues - Parker
6. 40 Days 40 Nights - Roth
7. That Will Never Do - Campbell/Lyons
8. All Your Love - Dixon/Rush


Robben Ford - guitar, vocalPatrick Ford - drumsMark Ford - harp, vocalStan Poplin - bass


Russell Ferrante - Keyboards
Michael Osborn - guitar on track #2

Produced by Patrick FordRecorded at the Great American Music Hall and Keystone Palo Alto in 1983


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