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Jimmy Rogers

Jimmy Rogers - Feelin' Good - 1984 - Murray Brothers Records

The incomparable Jimmy Rogers was one of the last connections to the classic Chicago blues of Muddy Waters. He died of colon cancer in Chicago at age 73 on Dec. 19, 1997. He was a superb bluesman, and this is a superlative eighties blues album with the great "Chess" sound. For more information on Jimmy Rogers, check him out

and if you want to hear one of the greatest ever Chicago blues albums ever recorded, you really should buy Chicago Bound featuring Willie Dixon, Otis Spann, Fred Below, .Little Walter, and Muddy Waters.



01. Rock This House - James A. Lane
02. You're So Sweet - James A. Lane
03. Blue And Lonesome - Jimmy D. Lane
04. You Don't Know - James A. Lane


01. Tricky Woman - James A. Lane
02. Angel Child - James A. Lane
03. Slick Chick - Jimmy Rogers, (aka James A. Lane)
04. St. Louis - James A. Lane, (aka Jimmy Rogers)
05. Chicago Bound - Jimmy Rogers


Jimmy Rogers - Guitar & Vocals
Rod Piazza - Harmonica & Vocals
Alex Schultz - Bass, Upright Bass
Bill Stuve - Electric Bass, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Upright Bass
Junior Watson - Guitar
Steve Killman - Guitar
Honey Piazza - Piano
Bill Swartz - Drums

Recorded at Vinnick Studio, Riverside, California in 1983 and 1984.

N.B: It is not entirely certain, if Steve Killman played on this album. It is known that he did play many times with Bill Stuve.There is a CD reissue of this album available on Blind Pig records with bonus tracks, on which Jimi Bott may be credited as a drummer. Try and locate this CD for more details.

A huge thank you to "sippi" for many of the details concerning this album.


This album reissues material from 1983-84. The legendary veteran Jimmy Rogers (taking most of the vocals and occasional guitar solos) is heard teamed up with the talented harmonica player Rod Piazza and his jumping group. The results are consistently exciting. Piazza's harmonica serves as a perfect foil to Rogers' voice, and the impressive backup band (which also features Honey Piazza on piano) clearly enjoys jamming on the basic blues changes. The many strong solos and the superior material make this an easily recommended set. © Scott Yanow, All Music Guide


A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi! sippi. I got your comment, and thanks for taking the time and trouble to respond. I have amended info on the album, as you can see. I can't thank you enough for your help. I will be posting a Vera Taylor album shortly, and would be again, grateful for your help. Very best wishes to you. p.s Are you still in St. Louis?

sippi said...

Glad to help...Is the Vera Taylor album from the Chicago Blues Session series on Wolf Records???
A nice series of Westsiders doing
their thing. I just know that it was released after her passing. A
great musical family with strong ties to Jimmy Reed. I will do what
I can to fill in the blanks. Eddie
Jr's liner notes would be a great asset...I will be busy with the working world but when time allows I will let you know what I find out. Have a great week...

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi! Sippi. Yes, Sippi. It is, although the album I have came in a different sleeve to the Wolf issue, and without much detail. It's on blog now. You have a great week too, and I look forward to your comments. TVM

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