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Syrius - Live Concert at Café Bongo, Paks (Hungary) on 6 September, 2001 - Label (Unknown)

A reunion concert of the late Jackie Orszaczky's great jazz fusion band after 28 years. This album has been released in a few different versions, and track listings vary.Syrius was formed by Zsolt Baronits in Hungary in 1962. Originally, they played early beat music, but dramatically by 1970, they had metamorphisized into a top class progressive rock and jazz-rock fusion outfit. Their best known album is probably "Devil's Masquerade," which was released in Australia, where they had a contract. If you can find it, you should listen to Jackie Orszaczky & Tibor Tatrai's great 2007 album, "Deserted Downtown," which is worth listening to for Tibor Tatrai's great guitar playing. Regarding this live album, any definite info. related to the venue, track titles, and composers, would be appreciated by A.O.O.F.C. I am not sure if all the tracks are actually from the date and venue listed, or indeed, if the track titles are correct. The album is a (128) so please make allowances for sound quality.


01 I've Been This Town Before
02 Széttört álmok - Elfáradtam
03 Széttört álmok - Pillangók
04 Feelin' Good
05 Hamlet
06 Strawberry Fields Forever
07 Devils Masquarade
08 Manic Depression
09 A régi barátokért


Jackie Orszaczky - bass,
Laszlo Pataki - Hammond organ
Andras Veszelinov - drums,
Mihaly Raduly - sax, flute,
Tibor Tatrai - guitar
Tina Harrod - vocals
Akos Csejtey - sax,
Sandor Zsemlye - sax


Anonymous said...

i've just learned of this group and would love to get ahold of this live set...as well as the 'deserted downtown' their guitar and bassplayer did.
all the links to this one are down.
deserted downtown i think i've found at that zenkucko blog.
thanks for any and all help.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,rocdoc. I'll post a new link for the live album before 18/6/11. I have posted new links for the "Deserted Downtown" album. Thanks for comment/request. Check back soon

A.O.O.F.C said...


p/w if needed is