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Terje Rypdal

Terje Rypdal - Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away - 1974 - ECM

A brilliant album from this Norwegian virtuoso rock and jazz guitarist and composer, who once said that Jimi Hendrix was a massive influence on his guitar style. Terje Rypdal is a very famous musician in Europe, both for his amazing prowess on the guitar, and for his compositional skills which range from rock and jazz to orchestral and cinematic works. He also has a cult following Stateside Part one of this revolutionary album features driving drums and fuzz bass, swirling Mellotron, French horn, and mind-blowing Strat work, while side two is a dark, brooding neoclassical composition that juxtaposes electric guitar with oboe, clarinet, and chamber strings. This timeless recording remains one of Rypdal’s personal favorites. Check out his albums, "Morning Glory," and "After the Rain", from 1973, and 1976 respectively.


A1 Silver Bird Is Heading For The Sun (14:03)
Bass [6 & 4 String] - Sveinung Hovensjø
French Horn - Odd Ulleberg
Guitar - Terje Rypdal
Mellotron, Electric Piano - Pete Knutsen
Percussion - Jon Christensen

A2 The Hunt (5:22)
Bass [6 & 4 String] - Sveinung Hovensjø
French Horn - Odd Ulleberg
Guitar - Terje Rypdal
Mellotron, Electric Piano - Pete Knutsen
Percussion - Jon Christensen

B Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away (17:39)
Conductor - Mladen Gutesha*
Guitar [Electric] - Terje Rypdal
Orchestra - Südfunk Symphony Orchestra*
Viola [Solo] - Christian Hedrich
Violin [Solo] - Helmut Geiger


*Terje Rypdal: electric guitar
*Odd Ulleberg: French horn
*Jon Christensen: Drums, Percussion
*Pete Knutsen: Electric Piano


Terje Rypdal has long had an unusual style, mixing together elements more commonly found in new age and rock than in jazz; yet he is also an adventurous improviser. Associated with the ECM label since the early '70s, Rypdal's playing is definitely an acquired taste, using space and dense sounds in an unusual manner. Classically trained as a pianist, Rypdal was largely self-taught on guitar and originally most influenced by Jimi Hendrix. He attended Oslo University, where he was taught the Lydian chromatic concept of tonal organization by its author, George Russell. Rypdal played with Russell for a time and started an association with Jan Garbarek in the late '60s. He formed the group Odyssey in 1972, and has led various small groups since the mid-'70s. An important guitarist and composer in Norway, Terje Rypdal gained a cult following in the United States. He recorded steadily for ECM since 1972 (using such sidemen at times as Garbarek, pianist Bobo Stenson, trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, bassist Miroslav Vitous, drummer Jack DeJohnette, and cellist David Darling). His two earlier sessions (for the Karusell label in 1968, and a notable 1969 Baden-Baden, Germany, concert put out by MPS) are more difficult to find. © Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

FULL BIO (Wikipedia)

Terje Rypdal (born 23 August 1947 in Oslo) is a Norwegian guitarist and composer. His music have been released on several albums of the German record label ECM. His compositions "Last Nite" and "Mystery Man" were featured in the Michael Mann film "Heat", and included on the soundtrack of the same name. Starting out as a Hank Marvin - influenced rock guitarist with The Vanguards, Rypdal turned towards jazz in 1968 and joined Jan Garbarek's group and later George Russell's sextet and orchestra. An important step towards international attention was his participation in the free jazz festival in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1969, where he was part of a band led by Lester Bowie. During his musical studies at Oslo university and conservatory, he led the orchestra of the Norwegian version of the musical Hair. He has often been recorded on the ECM record label, both jazz-oriented material and classical compositions (some of which do not feature Rypdal's guitar). Rypdal's collaborations both as a guitarist and as a composer with other ECM artists such as Ketil Bjornstad and David Darling in the 1990. Over the years he has been an important member in the Norwegian jazz community.


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