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Curved Air

Curved Air - Live - 1975 - UK Deram

Recorded at Cardiff University and Bristol Polytechnic, December 1974, this great album by the pioneering British rock group formed in 1969, is due a reappraisal. There was more to Curved Air, then their big hit, "Back Street Luv," and this live album proves it. The album features the band's stage favourites, and the playing is amazing throughout. All the tracks are terrific, and "Back Street Luv", and "Propositions" really demonstrate just how talented this group were. Check out their brilliant underrated 1973 "Air Cut" album @

Air Cut


It Happened Today (Francis Monkman/Sonja Kristina)
Marie Antoinette (Darryl Way/Sonja Kristina)
Back Street Luv (Darryl Way/Sonja Kristina/Ian Eyre)
Propositions (Francis Monkman)
Young Mother (Darryl Way/Sonja Kristina)
Vivaldi (Darryl Way)
Everdance (Francis Monkman)


Phil Kohn -- Bass
Sonja Kristina -- Vocals
Francis Monkman -- Guitars, Keyboards
Florian Pilkington-Miksa -- Drums
Darryl Way -- Violin, Keyboards, Vocals

Produced by David Hitchcock

BIO (Wikiprdia)

Curved Air were a pioneering British progressive rock group formed in 1969. The group evolved out of the band Sisyphus, and was named after the piece "A Rainbow in Curved Air" by contemporary composer Terry Riley. The musicians came from quite different artistic backgrounds, classic, folk, and electronic sound, which resulted in a mixture of progressive rock, folk rock, and fusion with classical elements. Along with It's A Beautiful Day and East of Eden, Curved Air were one of the first rock bands to feature a violin. The first lineup consisted of: Francis Monkman - (keyboards, guitar), Darryl Way - (electric violin, vocals), Sonja Kristina Linwood - (vocals), Florian Pilkington-Miksa - (drums), and Rob Martin - (bass). Throughout their lifespan the band experienced frequent personnel changes. To name but a few of the better-known: Ian Eyre (born 11 September, in Knaresborough, Yorkshire) played bass on the second album Mike Wedgwood (born 19 May 1950, in Derby, Derbyshire) played bass on the third and fourth albums (later in Caravan). Eddie Jobson (later Roxy Music, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull and UK) played keyboards and violin on Aircut. John G. Perry (ex-Caravan) played bass on Midnight Wire. Stewart Copeland (later of The Police) played drums on Midnight Wire and Airborne. Tony Reeves (born 18 April 1943, in London), (ex-Greenslade, Colosseum, John Mayall) played bass on Airborne. Only Sonja Kristina continuously remained as member. Monkman, member of Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, was later to play with John Williams in a group called Sky. The band's groundbreaking 1970 debut, Airconditioning, reached no. 8 in the UK Albums Chart, and was one of the first vinyl picture discs to be released. In 1976 the band recorded their last studio album and then eventually split . Intermittently since then, the group, particularly in its original line-up, has re-joined for periodic concerts, one of which in 1990 gave rise to another live album. In early 2008 the band announced plans for a summer tour.


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