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Bullitnuts - 1st Of The Day - 1996 - Pork Recordings

Another incredibly good slice of brilliant electronic downtempo jazzy rhythms for the 21st century from the legendary Pork Recordings label. Bullitnuts were an electronic music duo from Kingston upon Hull UK, consisting of Robert Ellerby and Murray Clarke which split up in 1999. They recorded some of the most innovative and original downtempo electronic music ever heard on disc. Bullitnuts recorded 3 albums for Pork Recordings before splitting up in 1999. Check out Bullitnuts' outstanding "Nut Roast" album, amd there is info on Bullitnuts' 1998 "A Different Ball Game" album @ BNUTS/ADBG Pork Recordings specialised in electronica, mostly in the downtempo or chill-out styles. Formed in the early 90's by David "Porky" Brennand, its most significant artists include Fila Brazillia, Baby Mammoth, Bullitnuts and Leggo Beast. David " Porky" Brennand also records with Steel Tiger Records. If you have never been interested in electronic music or think of it as boring and negative then check out "1st Of The Day". You will be surprised. Rob Ellerby and Murray Clark never failed to satisfy with their smooth blend of funked-out beats. Murray Clarke started recording as Leggo Beast and Robert Ellerby started Momma Gravy together with Remko Schouten. Check out the amazingly brilliant "Humidity" album by "Heights Of Abraham" @ HOAB/HMDTY and any of Baby Mammoth's recordings. You can find Baby Mammoth's "Swimming" album @ BABYM/SWMG For info on some of Pork Recordings best releases go to GREAT DOWNTEMPO ALBUMS FROM PORK RECORDINGS "1st Of The Day" is VHR by A.O.O.F.C


1 Pizzle Road Rhapsody (10:38)
2 Fortean Daze (9:13)
3 Swivel Hip (6:16)
4 Scattered (7:52)
5 Rhesus Perplexus (7:59)
6 Donkey Stroke (6:17)
7 Joker In My Yard (6:34)
8 Pipin' (11:29)
9 Feathered Up (7:17)
10 Semantic Pearls (3:44)

All tracks written-by, arranged by, and produced by Rob Ellerby, & Murray Clark

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