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Libby Titus

Libby Titus - Libby Titus - 1977 - CBS

Libby Titus, the talented New York singer/songwriter, actress and producer released this "second debut" album in 1977. It is entitled "Libby Titus", the same as her first album. Libby has been called "The Mistress of Rock'n'Soul". She recorded a few good, but largely forgotten albums, and this second album is quite good. Libby sings four Carly Simon tunes, including "Can This Be My Love Affair" which she co-wrote with Carly. She sings a great cover of Lieber & Stoller's classic "Kansas City" and a great jazzy version of Cole Porter's "Miss Otis Regrets ". In fact, Libby is a good jazz vocalist, and there's plenty of jazz influences on the album. The musicians on the album include Hugh McCracken, Robbie Robertson ,Rick Marotta, Patti Austin,James Taylor, and Paul Simon! Libby Titus produced the New York Rock and Soul Revue concerts from 1989 to 1993, which resulted in the brilliant 1992 "NYR&S Live at the Beacon Theatre" album which paved the way for the reunification of Steely Dan. Libby married Donald Fagen in 1993, and co-wrote the brilliant "Florida Room" song with Donald on his 1993 Kamakiriad" album. Check out Libby's first s/t album, on which she sings an amazing version of "Strawberry Fields Forever", and a beautiful version of Tim Hardin's "Baby Close Its Eyes".


1 Fool That I Am (L. Titus, A. Kooper)
2 Kansas City (J. Lieber, M. Stoller)
3 Can This Be My Love Affair (L. Titus, C. Simon)
4 The Night You Took Me to Barbados in My Dreams (L. Titus, H. Martinez)
5 Love Has No Pride (L. Titus, E. Kaz)
6 Yellow Beach Umbrella (J. Henske, C. Doerge)
7 Can't Believe You're Mine (C. Simon)
8 Miss Otis Regrets (C. Porter)
9 Wish I Could (C. Simon)
10 Darkness 'til Dawn (J. Brackman, C. Simon)


Libby Titus Vocals
Hugh McCracken Guitar on track 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
Joe Beck Guitar on track 2, 3, 7, 9
John Tropea Guitar on track 5, 6
Robbie Robertson Guitar on track 8
Hirth Martinez Guitar & Back Vocal on track 4
Tony Levin Bass on track 1, 5, 6
Max Bennett Bass on track 4, 8
Will Lee IV Jr. Bass on track 7, 9
Ruussell George Bass on track 3
Chuck Israel Bass on track 2, String Arranger on track 1
Larry Muhoberac Piano & Strings on track 8
Michael Melvoin Piano on track 4
Don Grolnick Keyboards on track 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
Garth Hudson Keyboards on track 4
Craig Doerge Keyboard on track 10
John Guerin Drums on track 4, 8
Rick Marotta Drums on track 5, 6
Grady Tate Drums on track 1, 9
Christopher Parker Drums on track 3, 7
Ronny Zito Drums on track 2
George Young Sax on track 2
Marvin Stamm Trumpet on track 9
Alan Rubin Flugel Horn on track 1
Don Brooks Harmonica on track 9
Patti Austin Back Vocal on track 6, 7
James Taylor Back Vocal on track 10
Paul Simon Back Vocal on track 1

BIO (Wikipedia)

Libby Titus (born Elizabeth Jurist on July 6, 1947 in Woodstock, New York) is a singer, songwriter, actress and concert producer. Although she released several solo albums in the 1970s and '80s, she is best known as the co-writer, with Eric Kaz, of "Love Has No Pride", a song recorded by many artists including Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt and Jane Monheit. She has co-written songs with Steely Dan frontman Donald Fagen and performed with Dr. John on an album of children's songs. During the 1980s she performed and collaborated on songs with Burt Bacharach and Martin Mull. Titus has also appeared in films including director Robert Frank's Energy and How To Get It and Mike Nichols' Heartburn. She performed voiceover songs for Penny Marshall's Awakenings. Titus inspired Carly Simon's tune "Libby" (1976) and Dr. John's piano composition "Pretty Libby" (1982). Singer-songwriter Wendy Waldman wrote about their friendship in "Long Hot Summer Nights", on the album Strange Company (1978, Warner Bros., and anthologized on Love is The Only Goal: The Best of Wendy Waldman (1996). Libby's mother, Julia (born 1911) was an Earl Carroll dancer. In 1993, Titus married Donald Fagen. She has two children: author Ezra Titus, from her marriage to novelist Barry Titus; and singer Amy Helm, from her relationship with Levon Helm.


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Memo2Self said...

Wow - this is one of my Holy Grail albums. I bought it the day after seeing her on "Saturday Night Live" (the Hugh Hefner episode, no less) and wondered what kind of a performer would be produced by Paul Simon, Carly Simon, AND Robbie Robertson. I wasn't disappointed, and I've always felt, since she never recorded a follow-up, that this was a small treasure for a discriminating group of aficionados. Or something. Thank you so much for sharing it.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Memo2Self said. It's a pity she had no more solo albums.It's a gem of an album. Thanks x 1,000,000 for comment, & keep in touch

Anonymous said...

thanks..now you have to find and upload another obscurity featuring members of The Ban, Hirth Martinez "Hirth From Earth". Hirth , Libby and John Hammond are the only ones I can think of who had worked/recorded with memebrs of The Band but weren`t invited to perform at the Last Waltz. thanks again..sluggo

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,sluggo. Have you any album in mind? Cheers, and thanks

Miles said...

With the sad passing of Levon Helm this past week, I was reminded of Libby Titus and her mid-70's recording with an all-star cast of friends and contributors. I don't really remember much about it from the day, but I thank you for allowing me to hear it today to re-evaluate its charm.

Miles said...

With the sad passing of Levon Helm this past week, i was reminded of Libby Titus and her mid-70's recording with an all-star cast of friends. I don't really remember much of it from the day, but appreciate your letting me re-evaluate it today.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Cheers,Miles. Sad to see Levon passing. We should be grateful for his musical legacy, and for all thw work Libby Titus did in music promotion. Thanks, Miles, & TTU soon...P