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Hungry Wolf

Hungry Wolf - Hungry Wolf - 1970 - Philips

Great album from 1970 by this short lived UK progressive rock band featuring Alan Parker, who played with Blue Mink, David Bowie, CCS, Elton John, Gerry Rafferty, and Alan Hawkshaw, who played with Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Madeline Bell, Donovan, and Family Dogg. In a similar vein to Blue Phantom, Ugly Custard, and other "progsploitation" groups it's a pleasing selection of jazzy mainly instrumental progressive rock with lots of keyboards, ripping guitar and big band backing. A big shiny funky sound with weird experimental flashes. There are many musical influences here. Shades of the jazz-funk sound of BS&T, and CCS can be heard, and many psychedelic prog. rock touches also influence the album. Altogether, the sometimes experimental sound works wonderfully well. The album featured vocals by Peter Lee Stirling, aka Daniel Boone, who had a couple of pop hits in the early seventies. The musicians included future members of Rumplestiltskin who recorded one great s/t blues rock album in 1970, and well worth checking out. Most of the nusic on the album is original, inventive, and ahead of it's time. It doesn't sound like an album recorded nearly 40 tears ago. An exceptional, and unusual album from 1970 which is HR by A.O.O.F.C.


2.Watching and waiting
3.Custards last stand
4.Country wild
5.Waiting for the morning sun
6.Like now
7.Hole in my shoe
9.The drifter


Clem Cattini - drums
John Edwards - trombone
Tony Fisher - trumpet
Herbie Flowers - bass
Ken Gouldie - trombone
Cliff Hardy - trombone
Bobby Haughey - trumpet
Alan Hawkshaw - keyboards
Alan Parker - guitar
Peter Lee Stirling - vocals
Derek Watkins - trumpet


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Thank you for posting this! Amazing album! Inventive, exceptional, and unusual album indeed!

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Hi, V !. It's an exceptional album. Only one release from this band! What a pity! Thanks, & keep in touch