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Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac - Who's The New Girl ? - 1975 - SBD

A live studio audience rehearsal from Fleetwood Mac, recorded on September 23, 1975 at Trod Nossels Studios, Wallingford, CT, USA, and broadcast over WPLR in New Haven, CT, USA. Not a bad soundboard recording. The sound varies on tracks, and there are a few "glitches" , mostly at the beginning of tracks, but you can still enjoy and appreciate this album from the 1975 FM line-up of Fleetwood, Buckingham, Nicks, J. McVie, & C. McVie. The band play a mixture of old and new material, including Peter Green's "Green Manalishi", and "Oh Well", and Bob Welch's "Hypnotised". Danny Kirwan's great "Station Man" is also included.


01. Station Man - Danny Kirwan
02. Spare Me A Little - Christine McVie
03. Rhiannon - Stevie Nicks
04. Why- Christine McVie
05. Landslide - Stevie Nicks
06. Over My Head - Christine McVie
07. I'm So Afraid - Lindsey Buckingham
08. Oh Well - Peter Green
09. Green Manalishi - Peter Green
10. World Turning - Buckingham, C. McVie
11. Blue Letter - R. Curtis, M. Curtis
12. Hypnotised - Bob Welch


Lindsey Buckingham - Guitar, Vocals
Mick Fleetwood - Drums
Christine McVie - Keyboards, Vocals
John McVie - Bass
Stevie Nicks - Vocals


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