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The Blue Method


The Blue Method - Kill The Music, Vol. 1- 2004 - Blue Method

Somebody called The Blue Method's music a cross between the "Brand New Heavies" and "Jamiroquai". This is not too far off the mark. It could also be a cross between Stevie Wonder, and the Average White Band. Many people believe that this kind of music was at it's best in the '70's. The Blue Method have shown that great funk music is alive and well in the 2000's. If you like Grade A funk, soulful R&B, with a touch of Gospel and Motown and a flavour of Delta blues and New Orleans jazz, this album is for you. The Blue Method are a hugely talented outfit. Their playing is tight. Brian William’s soulful voice is exceptional. Tom Long's sax work is truly great. The music is full of complex riffs masterfully executed. All in all, an outstanding album and VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Try and listen to the band's "Kill The Music, Vol. 2", and buy TBM's "Volume: LIVE!" album


1. Jingle (For a Commercial)
2. Haitian Sensation
3. Don't They
4. Sad Thing
5. Backporch
6. Kill the Music
7. Thing's I'll Do
8. First Plan of Redemption
9. Pulpit Fiction
10. Something DeVine
11. Getonoutro

All songs composed by The Blue Method except "First Plan of Redemption" by The Blue Method (Music), and Brian Williams & Lakecia Davis (Lyrics)


Mike Patriarca - Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Dobro
Dan Schram - Bass, Backing Vocals
Scott Stalone - Keyboards, Organ
Luke O'Riley - Hammond Organ
David Duffin - Drums
Luis DiCupe - Percussion
Brian Williams - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Trumpet, Valve Trombone
Tom Long - Alto, Tenor & Baritone Sax, Clarinet, Accordion, Mandolin, Percussion, Beat Machine, Backing Vocals
Shakira Jones, Alicia Dessau - Backing Vocals


The story of The Blue Method is a story defined by two words; perseverance and determination. The band was formed in 2001 by founding members Michael Patriarca (guitar) and Tom Long (saxophone). Both were left picking up the pieces from the sudden and tragic death of their long time friend and former lead singer, Sean Gatson. With one album and a slew of gigs under their belt, the two men began to assemble the cast of musicians for their new musical venture, "The Blue Method". They were introduced to singer Brian Williams through a mutual friend. Brian was a larger than life man with the voice to match. His singing and lyrics are a throwback to a time when soul singers sang like men, and had a clear and concise message to deliver. Together with their new rhythm section, this quintet began writing immediately and building a legion of friends and followers throughout the region. In 2003 The Blue Method entered the studio to begin recording their debut album "Kill the Music, Vol.1" Things seemed to be running pretty smooth. Midway through the recording of their first record, the rhythm section decided it was time to call it quits. This left the three original members with a decision to make: press on with the album and re group, or fold. The three decided that they had invested far too much to turn back now, so they opted to replace the rhythm section and continue on. Long time friend Theron Shelton was the called to handle the drumming duties. From the first "jam session" everyone knew that Theron was the perfect fit. His drumming and personality added new life and energy to band. The next two years were spent touring the east coast and mid western region, building an extremely loyal following of friends and fans alike. Along the way The Blue Method has shared the stage with the likes of Soulive, Chick Corea, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, The Benevento Russo Duo, Ozomatli, John Legend, Little Feat, Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band), Leela James, The Disco Biscuits, and Ween. They have also managed to sell over 7000 copies of their album "Kill the Music, Vol 1", which is no small task for a completely independent act. In 2005 The Blue Method was named "Best New Act" by the Home Grown Music Network. Their song "Don't They" holds the record as the all time #1 funk song at Garageband.com. In 2005 they also won the annual Relix Magazine Jam-off award. The Blue Method now averages over 150 shows a year. The band has improved their sound even further by adding Philadelphia bassist Rah Sungee to the lineup. The Blue Method will release their much anticipated sophomore album in April of 2007. © JamBase Inc. 1998 - 2010 All Rights Reserved http://www.jambase.com/Artists/13294/The-Blue-Method/Bio


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