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Dave's True Story


Dave's True Story - Dave's True Story - 1994 - Bepop

"You can call it hip, call it clever, or even call it 'jazz noire.' The music of Dave's True Story both challenges and defies categorization. It swings with a refreshing literate charm of its own." Ken Franckling/UPI Arts & Entertainment - The Jazz Condition

"New York hipsters DAVE'S TRUE STORY mix it up with smoldering grooves and cheeky beatnik lyrics..." Billboard

"Jo Stafford-sings-Dorothy-Parker feel...Harry Connick, Jr. and John Pizzarelli should have new material that is as witty as what Mr. Cantor creates." Jim Fusilli - Wall Street Journal

"beatnik wit and chic" Thomas Standler - NY Times

"Dave has all the wit, sophistication, even romance of Cole Porter, and yet he remains a maverick with a cutting-edge sensibility" Mary Foster Conklin, performer

"Cole Porter meets Seinfeld." CNNfn

"This is the stuff of pure hipster cool, fleshed out by David Cantor's sense for gentle dynamics and Flint's winking delivery." Colin Helms - CMJ Magazine

"DTS offers art songs for a new century, spiced with jazz and neon details, and I can't wait for more" Neil Tesser - Playboy Magazine

The eponymous debut album by Dave's True Story won substantial acclaim upon its initial release in 1994. Following its release, the New York Times devoted a Sunday-edition article to the group, who went on to win the 1995 Kerrville New Music Award because of this debut effort. The album showcased for the first time the eerie vocals of Kelly Flint and the songwriting of David Cantor, the man who gave the group their name. Together, they create relaxed lounge music with both jazz and pop overtones, though more the former than the latter. In particular, "Crazy Eyes" stands out because of its appearance in the film Kissing Jessica Stein. Originally self-released, this eponymous debut remained long out of print until 2002, when Flint and Cantor remastered and re-released it with four bonus tracks, one of them being a remix of "Crazy Eyes." © Jason Birchmeier, Rovi © 2010 Answers Corporation http://www.answers.com/topic/dave-s-true-story-1994

"Dave's True Story" is a sensational s/t jazz pop album from the truly original Dave's True Story, and VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Kelly Flint's vocals can't be faulted, and David Cantor has got to be one of the greatest songwriters and lyricists in the jazz pop genre today. Listen to DTS "Unauthorized" album. The band's "Sex Without Bodies" album is on this blog.


01 Sequined Mermaid Dress
02 Can't Get You Out Of My System
03 Another Hit
04 Flexible Man
05 Crazy Eyes
06 Last Go 'Round
07 Sommes Blues
08 Marisa
09 Nadine
10 Like a Rock
11 Mad About You
12 Joey (Bonus)
13 Fever (Bonus) - John Davenport, Eddie Cooley
14 Blue Moon (Bonus) - Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
15 Crazy Eyes Remix 2002 (Bonus)

All songs composed by David Cantor except where stated


David Cantor (Guitar), (Vocals), (Finger Snaps)
Michael Visceglia (Bass Electric), (Finger Snaps)
Dave Richards, Earl May (Bass Upright)
Steve Gaboury (Piano)
Oliver Jackson (Drums)
Dave Lebolt (Sample Percussion)
Andy Snitzer (Soprano & Tenor Sax)
Chris Botti (Trumpet)
Michael Davis (Trombone)
Kelly Flint (Vocals), (Finger Snaps)


Dave's True Story is a jazzy pop combo featuring Dave Cantor's intelligent, sometimes quirky lyrics, Kelly Flint's smooth-as-silk vocals and Jeff Eyrich's acoustic upright bass laying a solid rhythm track beneath it all. They have built an impressive body of accomplishments since their formation in 1994. Winners of the 1995 Kerrville New Music Award as well as numerous and various other surprising accomplishments, they have performed nationally and internationally to wide critical and commercial acclaim. Dave and Kelly met in 1989 through the Fast Folk group of songwriters. Chanteuse, Kelly Flint, a teenage Joni Mitchell freak turned twenty-something fan of Keely Smith and Lulu, had been singing backup around town and feeding her dreams as a waitress at the Cookery, an old cabaret where she befriended blues legend Alberta Hunter. David Cantor, a one-time student of the Berklee College of Music and an avid songwriter, started performing his offbeat jazzy songs at open-mics at places like the Speakeasy. Kelly and Dave passed each other like two ships in the night until a snowy evening in 1992 when they cemented their friendship over shots of Jack Daniels at the old Village Corner. Kelly proposed that Dave teach her a song and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, not quite. Jeff Eyrich signed on in 1998, bringing his upright bass and considerable production experience into the picture. Dave's True Story is an independent band whose notoriety has been built mainly by word of mouth and hundreds of live shows. http://www.davestruestory.com/press/about.html


The duo Dave's True Story formed in Manhattan, when songwriter/guitarist David Cantor and singer Kelly Flint met through connections in the New York music scene; Flint showed an affinity for singing Cantor's witty, often risqué songs written in the style of Porter and Gershwin. The duo released their self-titled debut on their own BePop label in 1996 and built a following by performing frequently at New York clubs and touring the Northeast. Their second album, Sex Without Bodies, appeared in 1998, followed in early 2000 by Unauthorized. © Steve Huey © 2010 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=11:k9fwxqlhldfe


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