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Walter Trout, Omar Dykes, Popa Chubby, Michael Lee Firkins


Walter Trout, Omar Dykes, Popa Chubby, Michael Lee Firkins - Jimi Hendrix Music Festival (live) - 1998 - Provogue

The Jimi Hendrix Music Festival is composed of a number of concerts by some of the world's greatest guitarists who play songs written mostly by the great guitar guru, or inspired by him. The festival has been held on various occasions since 1991 and hopefully, will continue to take place even on an irregular basis. This CD was recorded during the successful third version in October 1996. All the songs were recorded live on Saturday October 12th 1996 at Noorderlight, Tilburg, Holland. Walter Trout plays an amazing 'Voodoo Chile' on this album, and is joined by Popa Chubby and Michael Lee Firkins, for a fantastic 17 minutes 'Red House' jam. Although this is an official album, the sound quality varies. Volume is on the low side, and sound often lacks depth and clarity even though the tracks were recorded direct from PA to 2 track DAT-cassette, and re-mastered and digitally re-edited. However, if you want to hear guitar playing at it's very best, give it a listen. It's VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Walter Trouts "Prisoner of a Dream", Omar Dykes' "Blues Bag", Popa Chubby's "Brooklyn Basement Blues", and Mike Firkins "Chapter Eleven" albums. Read more about Walter Trout @ W.TROUT/WIKI, Omar Dykes' @ O.DYKES/WIKI Popa Chubby @ P.CHUBBY/WIKI and Mike Firkins @ M.FIRKINS/WIKI


1. Little Wing - Michael Lee Firkins
2. Manic Depression - Michael Lee Firkins
3. Come On - Popa Chubby
4. Foxy Lady - Popa Chubby
5. Up From The Skies - Popa Chubby
6. Hey Joe - Omar Dykes
7. Voodoo Chile - Walter Trout
8. Red House - Walter Trout/Michael Lee Firkins/Popa Chubby
9. Shake Your Money Maker - Walter Trout/Michael Lee Firkins/Popa Chubby

All songs composed by Jimi Hendrix except Track 3 by Earl King, Track 6 by Billy Roberts, and Track 9 by Elmore James


Walter Trout - guitar, vocals (tracks 7-9)
Omar Dykes - guitar, vocals (track 6)
Popa Chubby - guitar, vocals (tracks 3-5,8,9)
Michael Lee Firkins - guitar (tracks 1,2,8,9)
Barend Courbois - bass (tracks 1,2,6,8,9)
Peter van Straten - bass (tracks 3-5,7)
Bobby van den Bergh - keyboards (tracks 1,6-9)
Juan van Emmerloot - drums


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Wow This is a wonderful Album, You make me My weekend. Gracias amigo

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Hello,ariasavitia. The album could have better sound quality, but the guitar playing is wonderful. Thanks, & I'll talk to you soon