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Sean Webster


Sean Webster - If Only - 2006 - Blues Matters

Sean Webster is the frontman guitar vocalist for the 4 piece Sean Webster Band with a fast-growing reputation on the British Blues and rock scene. Founded in June of 2003, their sound comprises a sharp sense of song writing and a strong feel for contemporary blues rock in the vein of Clapton, SRV and Gary Moore. Sean began performing at the age of fourteen in Nottingham, England. As part of his school band, he played many functions and charity gigs in Nottingham. Later, Sean was part of the blues rock band, “Journeymen” for four years, and played covers of blues standards, including "Unchain My Heart", and "Mustang Sally". He formed the band “Stateside” at the end of the nineties gigging constantly. Eventually, Sean started writing his own original material, and is now an acclaimed if relatively unknown guitarist on the British blues rock circuit. "If Only" is not an outstanding album, but the potential is there, and the album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. The guy is to be complimented on penning all the 10 tracks on the album. His back up band is terrific, and Sean himself is a top class guitarist and vocalist. These are the artists who need promotion. There is so much dross out there that albums like this need to be heard by a wider audience. Buy Sean's "Long Time Coming" album, and give this guy a deserved break.


1. Hero
2. Mama
3. Hurting So Bad
4. Been Lonely Too Long
5. Missing You
6. One
7. So Rare
8. Since We've Been Over
9. Music
10. Lie To Me

All songs composed by Sean Webster


Sean Webster - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Latham - Bass
Mark Evans - Guitars
K.J Rollins - Drums


Sean was introduced to music at a very early age when his parents would sit up listening to old Soul and Motown records. He received his first record player at the age of 6. From that moment Sean has tried to listen to as much varied music as possible. At the age of 14, as a Christmas present Sean was bought his first electric guitar, an Arctic white Korean Squire Stratocaster. It was not long before Sean had mastered a few chords and with some friends at school, put a band together. This band had a quite a few line up changes but within 18 months of starting to play, Sean performed his first show in a local pub. About 6 months after this gig, when Sean was around 16 he joined the “Journeymen” as the lead singer. It was with this band that Sean had the chance to find his vocal identity covering the likes of Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker and Bryan Adams. All of whom Sean has been compared to in recent years.In 2000 feeling the call of the blues Sean formed, a 4 piece blues outfit “Stateside” that featured himself on guitar and vocals, Tristen Poole on drums, Mick Frogson and second guitar and Nigel Roberts on Bass. 2003 saw a change of line up as well as the band name, Stateside was dropped in favour of The Sean Webster Band and new players were brought in as the band went full time. Billy Flemming (ex Hawkwind, Paul Samson, Egypt) Replaced Tristan Poole, Mark “the Saint” Evans (Amor) took on second guitar duties and finally Tom Latham formally of “The Melt” assumed the role of bass player. The band has gone though various line-up changes since 2003 and has, since late 2005 become a 3 piece band. Sean has also renamed the act after himself. As the band has been prone to line up changes in the past Sean felt this was the best way to The line up still consists of Sean on guitar and vocals. Tom Latham on Bass, and now features Dave Raeburn (Ex Hoax, Nimmo Bros, Gwyn Ashton) on drums. Sean Says “I am pleased with the growth and progress the band has made over the years including, European and USA tours. Headline slots at some of the most prestigious UK Blues Festivals, Live recording sessions on Radio 2 and three albums to date. The current line up is the best its ever been and I look forward to whatever the future holds.” © Sean Webster 2008 http://www.seanwebster.co.uk/biog/sean.php


Sean Webster is the inspiring guitar vocalist for the 3 piece band with a great reputation on the British Blues and rock scene. The band formed in 2003 as a natural progression from Sean's previous band Stateside. Stateside had spent a few years treading the pub paths and building a reputation, but as the end of 2002 neared, Sean felt it was time for a change. He renamed the band under his own name and drafted in new players. They then spent 2003 adding to the success of Stateside. 2004 was a big year for Sean, as he released the debut album “Long Time Coming”. This put the band in the public eye for the first time, and showcased Sean's fine guitar playing, which combines a great number of influences including Albert Collins, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Gary Moore and SRV to name a few. His vocal style is of a rich, sexy tone with a low end rumble drawing comparisons with Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams and Jonny Lang. Britain’s leading blues magazine “Blues Matters!” has described the debut album as “A real gem”, concluding that Sean was:“…. set for big stages with superb guitar work…. They'll soon be bursting out of the Nottingham area now Sean has got his writing shoes on.”2005 saw the band perform many live dates around the U.K. including main stage performances at, Burnley Festival, Maryport Festival the prestigious Great British R&B Festival in Colne in August with organisers quoting, “Sean is a new legend in the making. He has rich powerful vocals and searing guitar licks. Like so many, he has been working hard for years but these are Sean Webster’s years, and he is in his ascendancy.”Sean's second cd release entitled, “If Only” pushed the boundaries of the blues music, with Sean reaching out to a wider and (often) younger audience. “If Only” came to the attention of Tony Edser, editor of “Where's Eric!” the official Eric Clapton magazine who decided to feature Sean as The “One to watch”. Having personally placed a copy of the cd in Eric's hands, it is hoped been that Sean may be inline for supporting Eric in his next major tour. An extract reads, “This is an original collection of blues based songs, skilfully played, nicely produced and with some beautifully melodic guitar work. If Eric is stuck for a decent support act for his forth coming Euro tour, he need look no more.” Sean has recently recorded a live session for the Paul Jones show on radio 2 which was aired in September 2006, enabling some 500,000 people to hear Sean’s music. He regularly has his music played on radio stations around the world, including Bosnia, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and the USA.As well as performing various dates throughout the U.K. he has successfully completed a small 5 week USA tour in June 2007 where he performed a string of dates in Chicago, Hibbing, Chisholm, Minnesota, Houston, Galveston, and Austin Texas. He also performed live on National Tv network FoxTv for the early morning show.In 2007 Sean also released his third album, a double epic entitled “Live and in Session” which showcase' the band recorded live at the Robin 2 in Wolverhampton with a contrasting second cd containing acoustic tracks. Sean hopes to continue his growth in the music industry and bring his music to new ears, both young and old. Sean has something for everyone, make sure you catch him at the earliest opportunity. © Sean Webster 2008 http://www.seanwebster.co.uk/biog/


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Thank you GP (No.1)!

Anonymous said...

Hi AOOFC.Your blog always post something different than the other Blogs.Really good music with quallity and different styles.Please try harder to post Family 4 cd box set.Thanks in advance.Bobioo

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Bobioo. Thanks. I'm always trying to promote the lesser known artists. It's ridiculous looking at blogs posting Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. Everybody has heard this stuff! If/when I come across that box set, I'll post it. Thanks a million, and TTU soon!

Big D said...

Sean Webster is so under-appreciated a musician in his own country he had to move to the Netherlands

I got into Sean 5 years ago - he's why I picked up the guitar again, and the first guitar I bought was a similar model to the Tele I saw him using

It's a crying shame he left the UK and I for one am gutted I may never see him play live again

Check out "Long Time Coming" which is another superb album

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, Big D. Sean is a terrific vocalist and guitarist, and his "Long Time Coming" album is sensational. I have the album and could post it. Have you any info on the band line-up, the song composers, and info on the bonus track. Thanks...P

Big D said...

Band members were Tris Poole on drums, SW on guitars and Nigel Roberts on Bass - the bonus track is (I think) a jam, given that it ends a bit abruptly) is uncredited anywhere (even on the website) and as for songwriting credits, all titles are self penned (again, very little info available)

I shook the mans hand though, when he played The Lamp Tavern in Dudley in the UK - there was a wedding on that night and the crowd weren't listening until he stopped playing, gave them a b******ing and then they listened. A great guy

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Big D. Great info. Good story about the wedding. Fair dues to the guy. He wasn't going to waste his talent on dead ears. Proper order! Thanks, & TTU soon...P