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Joachim Kühn Band Featuring Jan Akkerman & Ray Gomez


Joachim Kühn Band Featuring Jan Akkerman & Ray Gomez - Sunshower - 1978 - Atlantic

Perhaps nowhere is the directionless bankruptcy of late-'70s jazz-fusion more present than in Joachim Kühn's sterile Sunshower set recorded for Atlantic in 1978. Despite the presence of a killer band that included über-guitarists Jan Akkerman and Ray Gomez, bassist Tony Newton, and drummer Glenn Symmonds, nothing much happens for the entire 36-minute running time. The proceedings here never rise above tepid, the compositions are mostly pointlessly repetitive, and when they aren't they are replete with all sorts of unnecessary key changes and cluttered syncopations. Kühn had established a well-earned reputation as a top-flight jazz pianist and experimentalist for MPS in the late '60s and early '70s but had utterly lost his way by the time this disaster was released. The presence of awful milquetoast vocal tracks by Willie Dee only serves to underscore the lack of ideas here. Sure, Kühn's pianism is as elegant and sparkling as ever, but his compositions leave no room for anything remotely exciting to transpire; it's all studied, refined, and boring. It doesn't help that the only keys that matter are his use of a grand piano and a Fender Rhodes; his virtual array of Roland synths and string machines felt dated even at the time. This set, issued on CD by Wounded Bird in 2008, is one to be avoided at all costs. © Thom Jurek © 2010 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/sunshower-r152147

I love this album! Finally it is out on CD. I've been looking to replace my very worn out vinyl for years! Dynamic jazz-rock fusion with great drum sounds. Great recording of the acoustic piano places it clearly on top in the mix. A fusion virtuoso classic. Turn it up loud...... © Graham Hadley "drummer" © 1996-2010, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A3U7LIBSXKS07/ref=cm_cr_dp_auth_rev?ie=UTF8&sort_by=MostRecentReview

Joachim Kuhn has long been a prominent keyboardist in the fusion-jazz genre. He released several great albums in the 1970s on Atlantic Records. "Sunshower" is typical of late '70's electric jazz fusion. It's bright. The songs are fluid, and some are rock based. It's well worth hearing. Sunshower features guitarists Jan Akkerman & Ray Gomez, as well as vocalist Willie Dee. Jan plays on tracks 1,3, and 7. Ray on tracks 2,7, and 8. The album has received mostly poor reviews, but if you are a Kuhn/Gomez/Akkerman fan you may not be too disappointed with this album. Listen to Joachim's superb "Distance" album


1 Orange Drive - Joachim Kühn [Dedicated to Miles Davis]
2 O.D. - Joachim Kühn
3 Shoreline - Joachim Kühn [Dedicated to Achim]
4 You're Still on My Mind - Joachim Kühn; Nicki Hanson (Lyrics),Christina Latham (Lyrics)
5 Midnight Dancer - Joachim Kühn; Nicki Hanson (Lyrics), Richard Gehweiler (Lyrics)
6 Short Film for Nicki - Joachim Kühn
7 Sunshower - Joachim Kühn
8 Preview - Joachim Kühn


Joachim Kuhn - piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Roland Piano MP 700, Roland SH-5, Roland SH-1000, Roland String Ensemble, Hammond B3 organ.
Jan Akkerman - guitars; Solo on "Orange Drive" Lead guitar on "Shorline" First solo on "Sunshower".
Ray Gomez - guitars, Roland Guitar Synth on "O.D. Lead guitar on "Preview" Second solo on "Sunshower".
Tony Newton - bass
Glenn Symmonds - drums and SYNdrums
Willie Dee - vocals on "you’re still on my mind" and "midnight dancer"


Although not a free jazz musician, per se, Kuhn has been an avant-gardist; he began attempting a fusion of contemporary classical elements with jazz very early in his career. Kuhn's intense virtuosity is a reflection of his training. He studied classical composition and piano for 12 years, beginning when he was a small child. He performed as a classical pianist up until 1961, at which point he began playing in a Prague-based jazz quintet. He led a trio from 1962-1966, and in 1964 began playing with his much-older brother Rolf Kuhn, an accomplished clarinetist. In the '70s, Joachim Kuhn led his own groups, and played with the violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. Kuhn had a measure of commercial success in the '70s. His star faded a bit in the '80s, but Kuhn kept active, playing challenging forms of jazz and recording occasionally. A 1997 release, Colors: Live From Leipzig, a duo with Ornette Coleman, helped fuel new interest in Kuhn; both men were in top form and the album received excellent reviews. © Chris Kelsey © 2010 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/joachim-khn-p6917/biography


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So if it's so bad, why did you post it? Or if the first reviewer is so off base, why did you post his review?
Anyway, I just discovered your blog and there's a lot of great stuff here, so I suspect this is a decent album despite the terrible review.

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The bad review is only one music critics opinion. It's only fair to show "both sides of the coin". I will post reviews, whether they are good, bad or indifferent. I post albums if I think they have musical merit, regardless of anybody's opinion. It would be stupid if I didn't post an album based on a bad review. Thanks for comment, and keep in touch

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Excellent album, with Jan Akkerman and Ray Gomez, two great jazz-rock guitarist. Thanks! Kuhn is phenomenal.

I really enjoy your blog, A.O.O.F.C., and I thank you for making such great music accessible. Check this and other killer jazz-rock on Fusion 101.

Keep up the good work.

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Hi,MM. Thanks for comments. Your radio station is terrific. Exactly my kinda music. I've added it to my "Recommended" list. Cheers, & keep in touch!

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