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Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus


Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus, Vol. 2: Channel Mind Radio - 1998 - Locomotive

Since the late '60s, Carmine Appice has been one of the most respected drummers on the rock scene. He is still a very underrated musician. His influence on rock music is enormous. He has played and recorded with many of the best artists over the years. Carmine released a great solo album, "Rockers" in 1981, but it took another 15 years before "Guitar Zeus" was released. The "Guitar Zeus" album was a dream for fans of great guitar playing, and included artists like Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brian May, Ted Nugent, and Elliot Easton. "Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus, Vol. 2: Channel Mind Radio" continues in the same hard rock tradition of "Guitar Zeus" and includes some of the world's greatest axemen including Steven Seagal, Neal Schon, Richie Sambora, Stevie Salas,Ted Nugent, and Denny Laine. Check out Carmine Appice's "Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes" album, and the great "Beck, Bogert & Appice" album


1 Stash - Appice, Franklin, Keeling - Stevie Salas, (Addition fills by John McEnroe) 6:30
2 Code 19 - Appice, Keeling - Zakk Wylde 6:20
3 Perfect Day - Appice, Franklin, Keeling - Warren DeMartini 5:06
4 Gonna Rain - Appice, Keeling - Richie Sambora 4:18
5 Cruisin' - Appice, Keeling, Laine - Denny Laine 1:12
6 Even Up the Score - Appice, Keeling -Ted Nugent 4:42
7 Out of Mind/(interlude) Guitar Zoo - Appice, Keeling - Neal Schon, C.C Deville 7:07
8 Snake - Appice, Keeling - Bruce Kulick 6:08
9 Trippin' Again - Appice, Keeling - Ty Tabor 6:05
10 Dead Wrong - Appice, Keeling - Dweezil Zappa 5:43
11 I'm Doin' Fine - Appice, Keeling - Vivian Campbell 5:34
12 My Own Advice/(interlude) Channel Mind Radio - Appice, Keeling - Kenji Kitajima 5:01
13 Where You Belong [Re-Mix & Re-Arranged] - Appice, Franklin, Keeling - Paul Gilbert 5:48
14 GZ Blues - Appice, Duncan, Franklin, Keeling - Seymour Duncan, Steven Seagal 3:14


Guitar Zeus is - Kelly Keeling - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (Background) : Carmine Appice - Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background) : Tony Franklin - Fretless Bass


John McEnroe, Seymour Duncan, Steven Seagal, C.C Deville, Dweezil Zappa, Zakk Wylde, Ty Tabor, Neal Schon, Richie Sambora, Stevie Salas,Ted Nugent, Denny Laine, Bruce Kulick, Kenji Kitajima, Paul Gilbert, Warren DeMartini,Vivian Campbell - Guitars, Soloists
Joey Mellotti - Keyboards
Mike Carabello - Conga


Rock drummer Carmine Appice has appeared in a variety of groups over the years, starting with Vanilla Fudge in 1966. That band made five charting albums between 1967 and 1969, the most successful of which was the gold-selling debut Vanilla Fudge. Appice and Vanilla Fudge bassist Tim Bogert then formed Cactus with guitarist Jim McCarty (not the Jim McCarty from the Yardbirds) and singer Rusty Day. While Appice and Bogert were in the lineup, Cactus charted with four albums between 1970 and 1972, most successfully the debut, Cactus. In 1973, Appice and Bogert teamed up with guitarist Jeff Beck to form Beck, Bogert & Appice, who scored a gold-selling album, Beck Bogert & Appice. Appice was a member of the supergroup KGB, who featured Ray Kennedy, Rick Grech, Mike Bloomfield, and Barry Goldberg, and made one charting album in 1976. He worked as Rod Stewart's drummer in the '70s and '80s and co-wrote Stewart's hits "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" (number one, 1978) and "Young Turks" (number five, 1981). In 1989, he was part of the trio Blue Murder with John Sykes and Tony Franklin, who made one charting album. Always busy, Appice worked on albums with King Cobra, Travers & Appice, Cactus (Cactus V appeared in 2006) and with a reunited version of Vanilla Fudge, who re-formed in 2000. He also began his Guitar Zeus project, pairing a core band with many of the most dynamic guitarists in rock and metal. Guitar Zeus appeared in 1996, followed by Guitar Zeus, Vol. 2: Channel Mind Radio a year later in 1997. The best of these two releases were combined for 2009's Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes. © William Ruhlmann © 2010 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/carmine-appice-p15448/biography


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