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Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti - Evidence - 2001 - Renaissance Man Records

Adam Nitti has been establishing himself as both a bass-wielding frontman and contemporary jazz artist for well over a decade. Having also performed and recorded with a diverse collection of artists, including the Dave Weckl Band, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mike Stern, Peter Erskine, Phil Keaggy, Susan Tedeschi, Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz, Casting Crowns, and Heather Headley, he has likewise earned his reputation as a distinguished studio bassist and sideman newly based out of Nashville, TN. A passion to inspire excellence in musicianship led Adam into co-founding www.MusicDojo.com, the first-ever interactive online music school. Adam is a tireless educator and touring clinician and is also a regular columnist for both Bass Player Magazine and Bass Musician Magazine. He has been featured in hundreds of music publications around the world and continues to bring unique voice and perspective to the bass playing community. Adam has 3 prior releases on his own Renaissance Man Records label. He currently celebrates the release of his 4th, entitled, "Liminal." © Facebook 2013 https://www.facebook.com/adamnittimusic/info

“Evidence, was a step forward for me, compositionally. My primary concern was having a cohesive vision for the album that bound all the songs together. I placed an even greater emphasis on melody and arrangement than before. That album reflected more of my growth and maturity as a musician and writer. Looking back, I feel like it had a greater depth to it than my first two albums. Sonically, it was also on a level above my prior releases. It was the second album of mine that I had mixed entirely by myself -- the first was Balance -- and though the process was incredibly time-consuming, I learned so much from it. Although Evidence still contained its fair share of featured bass moments, it was, from beginning to end, a true ensemble recording effort in which I really relied on the personality of each musician to help shape each composition”. © Adam Nitti 2009-2013 Liebman Media, LLC

What do you think when someone names their work EVIDENCE? Do you suppose that person is pretentious, egotistical and a braggart? Well, Adam Nitti is none of those. Do you suppose that person is honest, admirable and one of the best damn bass players you'll ever hear? Well, Adam Nitti is all that ~and more. Take a look at the inside cover of the CD sleeve to learn why Adam named this work as he did. This is a masterpiece of one man's experience. But don't take my word for it. Hear the EVIDENCE, and you be the judge. (Shouldn't everyone name their work EVIDENCE?). For this, his third CD as a leader, Adam Nitti brings back many of the same fantastic players with whom he chose to portray his music in the past. Some of the better-known musicians are Shane Theriot and Dave Weckl. But the first tune, "Millenium" features a remarkable drum track by Tom Knight. It's a very unusual piece, and I quote, "The ideal is unnatural naturalness, or natural unnaturalness." Like the only thing different is the sameness, and what stays the same is the difference. The second tune is called "Nine Eleven." I asked Adam if there was a connection to the World Trade Center tragedy, even though the CD came out in November 2001. "'Nine Eleven' is actually about a car... it is a song inspired by the Porsche 911, one of which I own right now. That song was written in an effort to capture the excitement and energy that comes from 'becoming one with a car' (in other words, it's a driving song...). Strangely enough, my record was completed on September 11th... the catalog number was selected based on that date." "Nine Eleven" brings in the sax of Sam Skelton, the drums of Dave Weckl and Shane Theriot's guitar. After setting the theme of the opus with the first track, Adam lets us know we are off on an excursion of melody and rhythm that only players of this caliber can deliver. According to the Jerome Kern handbook of songwriting the third song should be called "Searching," but Adam knows the true importance of the search is what is found. So he calls the song "Truth." Adam sets the rhythm with a slap thing on his Curbow 5-string, and adds an eerie keyboard that Desean sings against. When it's time to stretch out, the bass takes it's place as a leader, and the guitar of Steve Cuningham reveals more evidence of the truth in musical inspiration. "Evidence" appears in the fourth slot, the cleanup hitter. It's a telling piece with some fine work by Shane Theriot on guitar again. The title track displays the competent aide of Dwayne Holloway on drums and Phil Davis on keyboards. Listen to a piece of Adam's solo, and hear what makes Evidence so revealing. There are 11 cuts on the CD, and all of them are written by Adam Nitti. You know how some tunesmiths write 11 tunes that pretty much sound the same? Well, Adam is different. His talent isn't limited to his breathtaking ability to play the bass; he is a consummate composer as well. "Oasis" is a refreshing combination of woodwind and strings. Adam plays his Mike Lull 5-string in a mesmerizing chromatic lilt that melodically comes off as one of my personal favorites on the album. Then he flies into a divine rage in "The Divine Wind," in which Sam Skelton switches to flute. Immediately after that is a tuned called "Puddin'". Again the only thing that's the same is the vast differences among the tunes. "On Wings Like Eagles" brings back the drumming of Tom Knight. Listen to a quick piece of Ike Stubblefield's Hammond B-3 and Shane Theriot's guitar. This guy writes magic and gets the right magicians to perform it. "Swamp Diddy" opens with a great slap start by our hero the bassist. But this isn't one of those bass player discs where the headcat says, "Here's what I do, and you cats see if there is something you can scratch out around it ~only don't get too loud." On "Swamp Diddy," as on every tune this headcat produces, there is such expanse in which the talents of others can broadcast that one forgets it's a bass player's CD. "Broken, pt.1" reminds you. It's just Adam Nitti and his Curbow 5-string bass. But then "Broken, pt.2" encourages you to forget once again as it brings back the rest of the band. A perfect ending to an overall brilliant album by a master player who shares the experience of a life-quest for truth. He finds it where he always knew it would be ~inside his soul. This disc called Evidence opens with a piece called "Millenium." We can assume that the missing "n" symbolizes Adam Nitti's appearance as the bassist of the new millennium, for we know that this disc is a new release of the evidence that he deserves such a moniker. © Marty Straub © 2000-2009 Global Bass Online http://www.globalbass.com/archives/mar2002/evidence.htm

Man Oh Man I thought real music was dead and gone, right when I was ready to just give up and join the so called smooth jazz crowd, drink watered down latte's and wear rose colored glasses, I stumbled upon Adam Nitti and I can tell you now "I'M BACK!!!" This is music the way it should be. Music that's fun to listen to. Where has this guy been, is he doing more, I want more, more, MORE!!! Adam you have restored my belief that music is not dead and gone. Keep playing my man, keep playing. If you decide to come to the STL (St. Louis, MO.), please, please, please let me know. – from ***** Great Jazz-Rock December 30, 2008 By & © Oleg © 1996-2013, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Evidence-Adam-Nitti/dp/B000CAF1J8

If you thought great fusion or jazz rock was a dying genre, give “Evidence” a listen. Terrific compositional work and musicianship from this underrated musician. Some of the artists playing on this album include Shane Theriot on guitar, and Jeff Sipe and Dave Weckl on drums. These guys are the best and play with the best. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Adam’s “Balance” album and buy his “Liquid Blue” album. Support real music [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 151 Mb]


1 Millenium 5:45
2 Nine-Eleven 5:57
3 Truth 5:39
4 Evidence 5:40
5 Oasis 7:24
6 The Divine Wind 6:31
7 Puddin' 5:32
8 On Wings Like Eagles 6:15
9 Swamp Diddy 6:10
10 Broken, Pt 1 2:53
11 Broken, Pt 2 8:14

All tracks composed by Adam Nitti except "Millenium" by Adam Nitti & J. Nitti, and “Truth” by Adam Nitti & D.McGuire


Shane Theriot, Bill Hart - Guitar
Steve Cunningham - Lap Steel Guitar
Adam Nitti - 5 & 6 String Bass, Keyboards
Randy Hoexter - Piano, Hammond Organ
Ike Stubblefield - Hammond B3
Phil Davis, Colette Coward - Keyboards
Jeff Sipe, Tom Knight, Forrest Robinson, Dwayne Holloway - Drums
Dave Weckl - Drums, Percussion
Sam Skelton - Saxophone
Desean - Vocals
J.Nitti - Programming, Loops, Sampling

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