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Jazz Pistols

Jazz Pistols - Live - 2006 - Cherrytown

Jazz Pistols is a jazz fusion trio from Germany with bassist Christoph Victor Kaiser, guitarist Stefan Ivan Schäfer and drummer Thomas Lui Ludwig. The band defines it’s music as "energy jazz". This live album was recorded on February 5th, 2005 at Schlosskeller, Darmstadt, Germany. This is terrific razor-sharp, electrified and highly virtuosic jazz rock with infectious hard grooves, and often catchy melodies from three highly accomplished musicians with very individual styles. Stefan Ivan Schäfer is a hugely talented guitarist and plays beautifully without “going over the top”. Eight of the tracks are band originals. There are also wonderful covers of Wayne Shorter’s “Palladium, the late Weather Report keyboardist Joe Zawinul’s classic "Birdland", and the late, great Weather Report bassist Jaco Pastorius’ “Teen Town”. This album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy the trio’s “Special Treatment” album and support real music [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 182 Mb]


1. Welcome
2. Yellow Fellow - Kaiser
3. Three on the Floor - Schafer
4. Moby Dick - Kaiser, Schafer
5. Special Treatment - Kaiser, Schafer
6. Palladium - Shorter
7. Mystic Train - Kaiser
8. Bugs - Schafer
9. Birdland - Zawinul
10. Take the Brake - Kaiser
11. Teen Town - Pastorius


Stefan Ivan Schäfer - Guitar
Christoph Victor Kaiser - Bass
Thomas Lui Ludwig – Drums


After ten years of band history and touring throughout twenty-six countries in Africa and Europe, the Jazz Pistols are now proudly presenting their first live album. It took the Jazz Pistols not more than one concert to capture their melodious Energy-Jazz onto a compact disc. The popular Schloßkeller club at Darmstadt Castle seemed to be the perfect venue for that issue. “The Schloßkeller is a club where we feel very much at home. The close contact with the audience, and the relaxed atmosphere are unique.“ The CD is almost eighty minutes long, and filled to the brim with furious Jazz Pistols live action. For ten years the Jazz Pistols have been working on their Energy-Jazz. They are however, still able to discover new elements and levels of performance a fact that not only surprises themselves, but also their audiences. This versatility is one of the strengths of the Jazz Pistols. Even formed like a classic jazz trio the Jazz Pistols have developed a sensational variety of sound which they can easily translate live without the need for loops and overdubs. It is rare that Jazz rock – notoriously known as the music for musicians – is able to create this fascination on listeners – even when they normally don´t like fusion music. The extraordinary density of sound, the catchy melodies of the complex pieces, and culture of the musicianship – the Jazz Pistols are quite different from similar bands. Stefan Ivan Schäfer: His striking and variable guitar sound carries and leads the band through ballads and hard groove pieces. His solo numbers melt into the compositions and with their catchy melodies are truly extraordinary. He is among one of the best guitarists in Germany , composes and plays for Uwe Ochsenknecht and can be found on various samplers. Christoph Victor Kaiser: Through his extraordinary tapping technique Christoph constantly is the harmonic backing of the band and simultaneously creates musical intensification that cannot be expected. As recipient of a scholarship from the renowned Berklee College of Music / Boston and due to his technical expertise the Jazz Pistols bass player is even on an international level known as a brilliant technician and for this reason has been sought after as interview partner for international music publications. Thomas Lui Ludwig: As lecturer at the Pop Academy in Mannheim, Germany, and through his work with Jule Neigel, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Vanilla Ninja and Chaka Khan Lui belongs to the absolute top of the German drummer elite. With Jazz Pistols Lui develops a polyrhythmic firework of extraordinary proportions, is constant support and manages at the same time to distance himself from traditional forms. Each member of the group is an accomplished musician with his individual style. The band combines their diverse talents into an exciting whole featuring varied original compositions, arrangements rich in texture, and infectious solo performances. It is surprising for a trio to show such expressiveness, variety of style and versatility; the reason why the Jazz Pistols captivate their audiences with this compactness and flexibility. Beside festival- and club gigs in Germany and other countries the Jazz Pistols have toured twenty-six countries of Africa and Europe in the last few years. – from & © Album Notes ©http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jazzpistols4

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