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Gannin Arnold

Gannin Arnold - Not From Here - 2010 - Ganfu Records

Gannin Arnold is a Guitarist, Producer and Songwriter who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business (Cheap Trick, Joe Walsh, Brian May and Roger Taylor (Queen), Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders, The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Dave Grohl). He’s also an in demand composer who’s worked with Warner Brothers, Disney, MGM, Mattel, and Sony just to name a few. Recently Gannin released his first CD, “Not From Here” which features (Simon Phillips, Taylor Hawkins, Jimmy Chamberlin, Tim Landers, Pat Mastelotto and Tony Levin). There will also be a companion DVD that will be released in December by the Drum Channel. This DVD will feature (Terry Bozzio, Simon Phillips, Taylor Hawkins, Jimmy Chamberlin, Gary Novak, Tim Landers, Billy Mohler and Adam Benjamin). Gannin is also excepting Guitar students in the Orange County/Los Angeles area. For those who live in Europe, Australia, Japan or anywhere else in the country you can get one on one lessons via skype. For more info please contact Gannin at notfromhere@mac.com www.ganninarnold.com © http://ganninarnoldguitarcentral.blogspot.ie/ N:B www.ganninarnold.com seems to lead to a Japanese gardening site!

Gannin is a real guitar wizard and a great writer. The drummers and bass players he chose for this recording are no less than stellar superstars of rock and progressive rock. This is a must have for guitarists - or all music lovers for that matter. There are a few choice tracks that I love but the CD as a whole is consistently brilliant. Check out Simon Phillips and Gary Novak, Jimmy Chamberlain and Tris Imboden, Rudy Sarzo and Tony Levin. This will be a classic someday, to be sure. – from ***** Rippin! By & © Slander http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/GanninArnold1

From the opening throes of Tim Landers’ pulsing bass and Jimmy Chamberlin’s tribal linearisms, it’s clear we’re on the march. Gannin’s at the head of the line, setting pace with biting, weaving lines that rise, float, and then dive-bomb the Assembled. It’s an exhilarating rush and channeling of great guitar instrumentalists who’ve cleared this road: The sweeping grandeur of Eric Johnson (“Blue Ships,” “America”). The blistering bite of Vai (El Nino). Satriani’s soaring lyricism and Jeff Beck’s rhythmic twists and occasional melancholia. Through the duration and with minimal exception, Gannin remains faithful to the trinity of guitar, bass and drums. And here’s the dirty secret: this is really a drummer’s album, as Gannin has assembled some of the most tasteful and assertive kit artists in contemporary music. Taylor Hawkins. Stephen Perkins. Simon Phillips. Pat Mastelotto and Tris Imboden, the latter whom turns in a furious performance on “1981.” Drummers for both Jane’s Addiction and Mr. Mister on the same record? Indeed. This is not your average L.A. guitarist’s solo stroke. - Written By & © Dan Frio http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/GanninArnold1 and http://www.truthinshredding.com/2010/04/gannin-arnold-not-from-here.html

Woove staff writer Miles Ellenberg reviews the new release from Gannin Arnold, Not From Here (2010): - Gannin Arnold is making a name for himself in the realm of instrumental rock and solo guitar with the release of his first album titled Not From Here (2010). Written, recorded, and produced by Arnold, Not From Here is more than just a guitar player’s paradise; it’s a well-rounded album with equally worthy backing musicianship. This should come as no surprise, because Arnold pulled together an all-star group of musicians to help him along the way. Behind the scenes, Arnold has been active in the industry as a songwriter, studio musician, and even tour member with a full list of artists, most notably Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ band “Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders.” Including players from Jane’s Addiction, The Smashing Pumpkins, and King Crimson, Not From Here is the product of Arnold as a band leader for the first time. The album is dominantly rock mixed with blues and fusion, and most tracks revolve around a guitar, bass, and drums trio. The bass and drums are phenomenal, but Arnold always leads the pack. Whether playing a far-out, noisy solo, or holding an essential riff or melody, his presence rarely goes unnoticed. The title track serves as a good album opener, and it summarizes some of the music later to come. Starting with a simple, hard-rock progression, Arnold waits a few measures before stepping in with his strong melody. Soon a well-timed riff brings the players together for a quick chorus, and then it’s right back into another take on Arnold’s guitar. Like the rest of the album, the backing musicians show their ability to take a simple groove and put their own touches on it without stealing the spotlight. Arnold’s guitar work isn’t too flashy either – he often takes a more soulful approach, showing off his chops only when needed. Just over halfway through Not From Here, the song “El Niño” shows that Arnold is more than just a badass guitarist; he proves to be a great leader/songwriter, too. “El Niño” revolves around a fast medley of tightly organized, progressive-like riffs, where backing musicians go to town with some of the most fun bass lines and drum arrangements on the album. It also features the album’s only trumpet appearance. Most songs on the album are up-beat with the exception of a few slow tracks, such as “No Words,” “Blue Ship,” and “America.” What doesn’t change from song to song is the governing lead guitar. Even in softer tunes, the melodies are uplifting and bring as much emotion as you can have without lyrics. Arnold puts color into his guitar work, giving it a powerful voice in every song. His unique talent really shows on the outro track “Outside,” where he makes some of the most beautiful, one of a kind sounds with his guitar, all complimenting the atypically-timed melody and progression. From this album alone, Arnold has earned a standing with modern virtuosos like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. The only difference: Not From Here is an easy listen and doesn’t feature any in-your-face, unnecessary, play-as-fast-as-you-can just to do it solos. Not From Here is a must for any musician. Gannin Arnold has proven that he can play and write music, and he can guide a broad group of musicians to bring out the best sound possible. There’s no doubt that Arnold has the ability to bud outside of his background role in the industry, and hopefully he will continue to bring the world a new face and sound. © Miles Ellenberg © http://www.wuvt.vt.edu/WOOVE/Music-Reviews/Gannin-Arnold-Not-From-Here-2010

Besides the guitar talents of Gannin Arnold, there are many observations and insights which may broaden your views on the role of drums/percussion in modern music. Predominantly a blend of blues, rock, jazz and fusion, “Not From Here” is a very good album from an underrated guitarist and composer, but there are many artists like Gannin out there in the same boat. This is another guy you won’t see on the X-Factor, a programme which is always on the lookout for “Pop Stars”! (LOL) BTW: Some people think I mention the great guitarist, Guthrie Govan too often, so I won’t mention him. It is worth saying though, that some of today’s most talented guitarists are undoubtedly players like Greg Howe, Yngwie Malmsteen, Allan Holdsworth, etc. But has anybody listened to Shaun Baxter’s “Jazz Metal” album? This guy is a stupendous player and seldom gets a mention anywhere. Check him out, and keep an eye out for more Gannin Arnold releases. Please promote real music and real talent. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 121 Mb]


1 Not from here (03:38)
2 Dropout (03:25)
3 Unnecessary Flash (04:03 )
4 True Believers (03:13)
5 Speed of Sound (03:09)
6 No Words (04:29)
7 Get on With it (02:28)
8 El Nino (04:07)
9 Blue Ships (05:31)
10 America (04:19)
11 All Tom Up (05:31)
12 1981 (4:19)
13 Outside (4:27)

All tracks composed by Gannin Arnold


Gannin Arnold - Guitars
Tim Landers, Rudy Sarzo, Chris Chaney, Billy Mohler, Tony Levin, Melvin Lee Davis - Bass
Michael Ruff - Keyboards, Hammond B3
Jimmy Chamberlin, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Wood, Simon Phillips, Stephen Perkins, Pat Mastelotto, Drew Hester, Gary Novak, Tris Imboden - Drums
Tony Guerrero - Trumpet

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