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Cesar Huesca

Cesar Huesca - Cesar Huesca - 2008 - Cesar Huesca

Cesar Huesca is a prodigy from Mexico largely popular due to his shredding videos and covers of guitar giants like Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Vai on youtube. I had the chance to explore some of his own music on his youtube channel and was very impressed! This guy has genuine talent and as a longtime fan of instrumental rock, it makes me happy to see younger musicians carry on the tradition of the guitar gods. Some of the tracks on this cd could very well be on a Satch album, which is the only weakness of this CD. As Cesar evolves towards his own sound, look out guitar world! Buy the cd to support a genuine talent! – from ****/5 stars Fantastic new talent October 9, 2010 By & © S. Pathapati © 1996-2013, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Cesar-Huesca/dp/B0029RQCGS

Mexican guitar virtuoso Cesar Huesca recorded this album in his own home studio. Similar to guitarists like the incredible virtuoso guitarist Guthrie Govan, Cesar is a technically perfect player and makes the most complex fretboard work sound like childs play. This is an exceptional album covering many different styles, from subtle acoustic work to searing electric jazz-funk and rock. Cesar is obviously influenced by guitar greats like Satriani, Vai, Gilbert, etc and just like those guys he has the ability to put his own identifiable stamp on his playing. In an interview with Guitaristic.net, Cesar said that, “I’m currently listening to a lot of alternative rock and progressive bands and some old stuff that I am used to listen from time to time like Pink Floyd, or guitar players like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Gary Moore. Lately I’ve been listening to Ayreon’s The Human Equation album, the new Stone Sour album Audio Secrecy, the new Joe Satriani album, Guthrie Govan’s Erotic Cakes, some Alter Bridge, Evergrey and a little bit of everything. I’m a rock guy but in my media player you may find unexpected things haha!” This s/t album is simply great and his playing will leave you spellbound. Shame it’s only like an E.P at 36 minutes long. However quality is always better than quantity and his next album is really something to look forward to. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy this album, and don’t let guitarists like Cesar Huesca “fly under the radar” into obscurity. More of this kind of music is badly needed to keep our faith in real musical talent alive. One of the albums mentioned by Cesar, “Erotic Cakes” should be heard by everybody interested in exceptional guitar playing. Listen to Cesar play “Rockin' Red Carpet” @ http://www.topvideospot.com/cesar-huesca-rockin-red-carpet-hd/ [All Tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 99.4 Mb]


1 Rockin' Red Carpet 4:58
2 Risk 24/7 5:17
3 En un Mejor Lugar 4:52
4 Fantasmagoria (Child's Nightmare) 5:22
5 Eternidad 4:36
6 Tus Ojos 3:16
7 Como el Mar y la Luna 5:17
8 Despertar 3:07

All music composed by Cesar Huescar


Cesar Huesca – Guitar, Bass, Programming
Gustavo Morales – Bass on Tracks 5,7
Neftali Lopez – Bass on Track 6


Cesar Huesca was born in Pachuca Hidalgo Mexico, on August 8th of 1983. He started to play guitar self-taught at the age of 10 and began playing with local bands 4 years later. After finishing high school he got into Fermatta Music Academy in Mexico City to study Contemporary Music. Later in early 2003 he started doing gigs all around Mexico until December of 2004. In 2005 and 2006 he got into many projects of different sorts with mainstream producers in Mexico as well as bands and singers/songwriters, giving his approach into recording sessions and live performances. In 2007 he participated in the Greg Howe "Play For Me" Guitar Contest, getting into the 7 best performances and an Honorable Mention by Greg Himself among guitarists from Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and United States. In 2008 his YouTube channel got honors in first place as the channel with more subscribers in Mexico, in both categories, musicians and users of that country. Also as a consequence of his projection and contributions at YouTube, he caught the attention of guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, getting his acknowledgement at having some of Cesar's renditions of various Vai songs featured on the guitarist's official YouTube channel. Later he participated in the online guitar contest Guitar Idol 2008, organized by important companies of the music business in United Kingdom, he achieved the third place in the final rank of votes among more than 700 guitar players from all around the world and got into the second place on the list of the 28 best entries getting Honorable Mention among guitarists of U.S. Brazil, Mexico, Canada, U.K. Germany, Russia, France and other countries. In mid 2008 he released his first solo album self-titled Cesar Huesca, which has already reached a lot of his fans in Mexico, United States, Canada and many countries in Europe. This way his album had climb quickly into the top sellers charts on CdBaby.com Same year Cesar started touring with mexican pop singer/songwriter Gloria Trevi, supporting her 2008 - 2010 tour, doing live shows all around Mexico, some other countries in Latin-America and the United States. In early 2010 he attended The NAMM Show in Anaheim California, supporting Lace Music products, doing some demos and presentations at the Lace Music booth playing some songs of his first solo album. In 2011 he started touring with mexican singer/songwriter Cristian Castro supporting him on the tour "Viva El principe" until December of the same year. At late 2011 he released "Cesar Huesca V-Sides" which is a series of four left-over tracks of his first solo album released in 2008. This tracks are available only as digital singles, "Dark Energy" was the first track released on iTunes, followed by "The Lights Beneath The Water", "Voz de lluvia" and "Soledad". He's currently involved in many different musical projects and activities live and in studio and he's the lead guitar player in the mexican progressive metal band called "The Arkitecht". Also he keeps working on what would be a second solo album, also doing clinics and masterclasses. © Cesar Huesca 2012 All rights reserved © http://cesarhuesca.net/bio.html


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