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Antoine Fafard

Antoine Fafard - Solus Operandi - 2011 - Unicorn Digital

Antoine Fafard's recording career began in his band Spaced Out, who released their first album in 2000. By 2008 Spaced Out had recorded five studio albums, one live album and two DVDs, and had performed on international stages including Nearfest, USA in 2002 and Crescendo, France in 2006. In 2010, Antoine decided to begin recording under his own name, without the limitations of the band format. His first solo album, Solus Operandi, released in August 2011, features more than an hour of original instrumental music by Antoine working with a total of 13 collaborators, including world-class performers such as Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern), guitarist Jerry De Villiers Jr and drummer Magella Cormier. Solus Operandi was composed on electric fretless bass and classical guitar, after Antoine reacquainted himself with the guitar following many years focusing on the bass. 2013 sees Antoine present a new solo album, Occultus Tramitis. Occultus Tramitis features a number of legendary musicians, including Terry Bozzio (Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa), Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Gavin Harrison (King Crimson, Porcupine Tree), Scott Henderson (Tribal Tech), Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck, Toto), Chad Wackerman (Allan Holdsworth, Frank Zappa) and Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern). The fretless bass and classical guitar were again central elements in Antoine's composition process. The music on Occultus Tramitis differs between the tracks, and the fusion of influences that characterises Antoine's music means it doesn't fall easily into a single style or genre. However, the album was composed as a complete work. Melodic aspects are beautifully realised by Jerry Goodman, who features on more than half of the tracks among odd time signatures, multiple modulations and rhythmical illusions. There are exceptional performances from all Antoine's collaborators, including spectacular solos. Antoine is already thinking about the next step on his creative journey. Meanwhile his music is here for you to discover… © http://www.antoinefafard.com/bio.html

After having released a total of six CD’s under his band name of Spaced Out, Antoine Fafard felt it was time to do something more of a solo nature and thus we have Solus Operandi a very different sounding record indeed. Fans of Spaced out will be familiar with Fafard’s driving jazz-fusion inflected prog but here we have Fafard not only on bass but his second love classical guitar. In addition he has called upon a host of individuals to lend their talents to the project. They include: John Anderson (trumpet on tracks 4 & 6), Eric Boudreault (drums on track 13), Eric Brosseau (6 & 12 strings acoustic guitars on track 2), Magella Cormier (drums on tracks 2, 3, 10 & 11), Jerry De Villiers Jr. (electric guitar on tracks 7 & 10), Jean-Pierre Dodel (electric guitar on track 11), Martin Maheux (drums on tracks 4, 8, 9, 12, 14 & 16), Stefane Pelletier (Classical guitar on track 13), Vincent Pellerin (soprano saxophone on track 9), Tom Quayle (electric guitar on track 16), Mark Tremblay (electric guitar on track 12), Marc Laflamme (drums on track 16) and Dave Weckl (drums on tracks 1, 6 & 7). Solus Operandi, is a true solo record in that the music created here is quite different from what we’ve come to expect from Fafard. A total of 17 tracks, the longest of which is a bit over six-minutes, most of these pieces are all in the four or five minute range. As I’ve already alluded to, the joy of doing a solo record is the chance to create music outside what’s expected of you. So here we have a smattering everything from classically influenced pieces, Spanish style flamenco tunes, softer acoustic jazzy numbers and other things that fall in-between. The overall feel is calm and subdued, even somewhat relaxing. At the same time, the disc is quite up-tempo and varied in its musical selection. This is seventy-five minutes of music that features little surprises around every corner with top-notch musicianship. Solus Operandi while in no way a progressive rock disc is certainly a recording that will appeal to prog fans especially fans of Fafard’s other work. The musicianship is high and the composition and arrangements borrow heavily from the prog world. Overall it’s a great disc of music that will satisfy the discriminating ear. © Jerry Lucky © http://www.jerrylucky.com/reviews%20f-j_065.htm

The bass player from Spaced Out steps out on his own. Antoine plays fretless bass and classical guitar on the album. The style of the album is jazz fusion. However, fear not, because we are talking relaxed acoustic guitar driven music rather than a discordant, intense and claustrophobic noise-fest. From my own collection Al Di Meola is the closest I can think off, but when he is in his acoustic mood and not racing across Arabian deserts. Looking back over notes I made on each track it seems that the album grew on me, with the later tracks receiving the most positive comments. With 17 tracks on offer there is plenty of music to listen to. This is the sort of music with which to sit down with a good book, a glass of Irish Whiskey and to then total chill out. Review by & © nigel May 3rd, 2012 Posted in 3 stars, Reviews, Year 2012 © http://mswings.com/2012/05/03/antoine-fafard-solus-operandi/

***** Excellent album! No two ways about it! Considering Antoine's output thus far as the chief composer of the Canadian outfit Spaced Out, there was nothing to be afraid of while expecting his another release, but on the flip side of it, I must admit that was a bit apprehensive about what might come out of Antoine's intentions to record his debut album which he announced as "new jazz fusion music". However, the outcome exceeded all my expectations. All my doubts were shattered with the very first listen given to tracks like "New Venture", "Horny Cat" or "Solus Souls". This is undoubtedly Antoine's best effort to date, both as a musician and a composer, which only increases the excitement one might have about what the guy may have in store for us in the forthcoming months. The introduction of classical guitar combined with jazz-fusion feel to the music turned out to be a great success. With its great instrumentation showcased by the collaborators, as well as deeply engrossing musical ideas successfully implemented by the combo mastermind, the album definitely stands apart from its contemporaries. The atmosphere of mystery throughout the album, thoughtfully interwoven here and there with bright, jazzy colours, has made the cd an inseparable part of my life. Highly recommended! Review by & © Irek Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=7218

Solus Operandi is the first solo album of Antoine Fafard, well known as bass and guitar player of the highly respected Fusion band Spaced Out. On Solus Operandi he is joined for six of the tracks by drummer Martin Maheux, also member of Spaced Out, so there is a direct connection to be made. Style wise, this solo offering by Fafard is pretty much different from his mother band. Sure the music on Solus Operandi can be categorised as Jazz Rock Fusion, but it features a much larger palette of styles. On the whole the music is more relaxed than what Spaced Out has become famous for. In fact there are a few tracks on which the music is very powerfull and does feature some guitar shredding, but many of the tracks are more acoustic then they are electric. For example, a few numbers resemble Flamenco inspired Jazz, not to far from what Jesse Cook can offer. There is also some relaxed Funky Jazz Rock, pretty close to what Miles Davis was doing in the late eighties (circa Tutu). Although it offers a nice variety, the album does flow very well from track to track and always features excellent musicianship. Though many drummers are involved (not the least being Dave Weckl on three tracks), this instrument is always dynamic and tastefully played. Fafard's bass playing is also quite in evidence on Solus Operandi and it is one of the album's strongest point. My only slight reservation is with Fafard's acoustic guitar. It has a very dry sound which blends very well with the music most of the time, but when he plays it with lightning speed, the guitar is not very forgiving and, in my opinion, this can have somewhat of a distracting effect. I feel that, once in a while, a given piece would be even better if Fafard did'nt feel obligated to show off his high skill level on the acoustic guitar. This slight reservation should not stop you from enjoying Solus Operandi , and if you like your Jazz Fusion with extra "chops", you should enjoy it even more more than I did... and I liked it a lot. I will surely be watching out for Antoine Fafard's nest offering. Review by & © Marc - Added To Proggnosis on: 08 Sep 2011 © Proggnosis 2000 - 2013 where appropriate - All rights reserved. http://www.proggnosis.com/Release_Detail.aspx?RID=34983

“Solus Operandi” is the first solo release by Antoine Fafard, relatively well known in the fusion world as bass player in the Canadian band jazz rock band Spaced Out. He also composes music for television and is an in-demand session bassist. “Solus Operandi” is an all instrumental jazz fusion album featuring Antoine on fretless bass and classical guitar. This is a very good jazz fusion album that is not dominated by guitar shredding. However, if you are a fan of the great electric shredders like Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, and Greg Howe you will be impressed by Antoine Fafard’s amazing skills on the classical guitar and bass. Antoine also composed all seventeen tracks. This is mostly subtle jazz fusion but there are seven different guitarists featured on the album including four electric guitarists (Including Mark Tremblay & Tom Quayle), two classical guitarists and an acoustic guitarist. Jazz fusion does not have to include screaming guitar shredding and unbearable volume to sound good. In fact, there is some great guitar solos on this album. The legendary drummer Dave Weckl plays drums on three tracks. This album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Try and listen to Spaced Out’s great “Evolution” album featuring Antoine on bass and Mark Tremblay on guitar [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 173 Mb]


1 New Venture 5:05
2 Dye A Log 3:50
3 E+3 Drums 4:34
4 Horny Cat 4:15
5 Solus Souls 2:41
6 Acoustap 5:25
7 Phree Motion 5:17
8 The A Tune 4:20
9 Rebirth 4:29
10 Cape Spear 5:40
11 Smooth Bees 4:01
12 Mare Kuze 5:16
13 Free Spirit 5:01
14 Side Passage 4:31
15 Solitary Sei 1:49
16 Xenochronic 6:06
17 Coda 2:24

All tracks composed by Antoine Fafard


Antoine Fafard - classical guitar & fretless bass
Jerry De Villiers Jr: electric guitar (tracks 7 & 10)
Jean-Pierre Dodel: electric guitar (track 11)
Mark Tremblay: electric guitar (track 12)
Tom Quayle: electric guitar (track 16)
Stefane Pelletier: classical guitar (track 13)
Eric Brosseau: acoustic guitar (track 2)
Dave Weckl: drums (tracks 1, 6 & 7)
Magella Cormier: drums (tracks 2, 3, 10 & 11)
Eric Boudreault: drums (track 13)
Marc Laflamme: drums (track 16)
Martin Maheux: drums (tracks 4, 8, 9, 12, 14 & 16)
Vincent Pellerin: soprano saxophone (track 9)
John Anderson: trumpet (tracks 4 & 6)


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