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Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti - Liminal - 2009 - Renaissance Man Records

Adam Nitti has been establishing himself as both a bass-wielding frontman and contemporary jazz artist for well over a decade. Having also performed and recorded with a diverse collection of artists, including the Dave Weckl Band, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mike Stern, Peter Erskine, Phil Keaggy, Susan Tedeschi, Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz, Casting Crowns, and Heather Headley, he has likewise earned his reputation as a distinguished studio bassist and sideman newly based out of Nashville, TN. A passion to inspire excellence in musicianship led Adam into co-founding www.MusicDojo.com, the first-ever interactive online music school. Adam is a tireless educator and touring clinician and is also a regular columnist for both Bass Player Magazine and Bass Musician Magazine. He has been featured in hundreds of music publications around the world and continues to bring unique voice and perspective to the bass playing community. Adam has 3 prior releases on his own Renaissance Man Records label. He currently celebrates the release of his 4th, entitled, "Liminal." © Facebook 2013 https://www.facebook.com/adamnittimusic/info

Adam Nitti has always played the bass with a lot of energy. His performance on Liminal, his latest CD release, is no exception. Surrounding himself with a first-rate band, including Mike Whittaker on keyboards, Shane Theriot on guitar, Marcus Finnie on drums and Jeff Coffin on tenor sax, Nitti’s newest effort is outstanding on many levels. First off is the fact that Nitti not only produced the album, but also composed and arranged all the tunes, which he performs using a combination of 5- and 6-string basses. Careful not to make Liminal “just another bass record,” Adam takes an unselfish approach, giving plenty of room to the other band members to stretch out, treating everyone with equal importance. (Don’t worry, bass enthusiasts – there is still plenty of stellar bass playing, including slapping, tapping and other techniques that can be executed by no one other than Adam Nitti.) The album opens with “The Renaissance Man/Rebirth,” reminiscent of the Return to Forever style, ably performed with Marco Sfogli on guitar and Marco Minnemann on drums. “Distraction” has a melody that’s funky and edgy, featuring Sfogli on guitar, Finnie on drums and Alex Argento on keyboards. “Liminal,” the title tune, is played in a strong slap “lead bass” style with a catchy, singable melody. The bass solo, while flashy, is played with a pristine “clean-ness” for which Nitti is known. “Redemption Street” is given just the right flavor by Coffin on tenor sax and Johnny Neel on Hammond B-3 organ, creating a gospel-like aura. “The Seven Year Swing” is a feel-good funk number, showing off Adam’s outstanding, crisp slapping chops. Again, the band is given plenty of space. “The Last Walk Home” (Nakita’s song) features Nitti on unaccompanied 5-string bass. In this short piece (less than two minutes), Adam demonstrates his beautiful melodic and chordal style with that precision for which he is known. “Not Forsaken” is primarily a 6-string bass feature with programmed drum loops, on which Adam is accompanied by Phil Keaggy on acoustic and electric guitars and Steve Cunningham on Lap Steel Guitar. “The Good Foot” is an easy slap groove with tenor sax and the Hammond B-3 organ. “Il Cuore Del Campione” has a ’70s fusion feel with a busy Jaco-esque bass line. The CD closes with “Vivere l’Aperitivo,” which is just over four and-a-half minutes of truly outstanding unaccompanied bass playing. Throughout this piece, Nitti grooves, plays melodies and chords, providing dazzling displays of what can be done with the bass! Liminal is cohesive, yet also contains plenty of variety, always keeping the listener engaged. The compositions are strong, the arrangements are well written and the performance is great throughout. Making the CD even more enjoyable is the crystal clear production and overall sound quality. Adam Nitti, already firmly established in the bass community, is still quite young, which makes one wonder what we can expect from him as his career continues to develop. If Liminal is any indication of how his talents and artistry are unfolding, there’s good news ahead for music lovers in general and bass lovers in particular. © Jon Liebman © 2009-2012 Liebman Media http://www.forbassplayersonly.com/Reviews/Adam-Nitti-Liminal.html

“Liminal, my latest album, was just released this year. Those who are familiar with my earlier works will notice an even deeper emphasis on composition and groove, reflecting my growth and influences as a writer and player over the last seven years. There is a good bit of compositional variety, yet at the same time there is a cohesiveness to the theme of the album. There are a few “barnburner” tunes on it, but for the most part listeners will hear that this is much more of a groove-centered record, compared to my past releases. As with my last album, Evidence, I didn't want Liminal to come across as a "bass player's record." The songs are more centered around ensemble performances, as opposed to just a landscape to feature my bass playing. What I love about the final result is that, to me, it comes across like a band record through and through, with room for all of the musicians to shine and bring the music to life. As the writer and producer, I provided the framework for each composition, but I depended on the players to dynamically interpret and shape the music. I really wanted Liminal to be a record that music lovers and musicians alike would listen to for enjoyment and inspiration, not just for a generous helping of riffs and licks. Liminal is also sonically my best album to date. We made every effort not to cut any corners during the recording process and it really paid off once we reached the mixing and mastering stages of production”. © Adam Nitti © 2009-2013 Liebman Media, LLC

If you like jazz or fusion style jams then this album is perfect for you. Adam takes a melodic approach to his bass guitar and it makes for a great driving beat that reveals something new every time you listen! – from ***** Adam is a mad scientist October 21, 2012 by & © James C. © 1996-2013, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Liminal-Adam-Nitti/dp/B0026UZEYE/ref=sr_1_3?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1379802357&sr=1-3

An inspirational instrumental album with superb musicianship from post-fusion bass powerhouse Adam Nitti showcasing a diverse set of compositions which blend funk, jazz, fusion and blues. Adam is joined by some great artists that including Marco Minnemann, Shane Theriot, and Johnny Neel. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Adam’s “Balance” album and buy his “Liquid Blue” album. Support real music [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 120 Mb]


1. The Renaissance Man/Rebirth 6:45
2. Distraction 6:39
3. Liminal 6:25
4. Redemption Street 9:02
5. The Seven Year Swing 6:46
6. The Last Walk Home 1:47
7. Not Forsaken 6:03
8. The Good Foot 6:52
9. Il Cuore Del Campione 7:35
10. Vivere l’Aperitivo 4:35

All tracks composed by Adam Nitti


Shane Theriot, Phil Keaggy, Tom Quayle, Marco Sfogli - Guitar
Steve Cunningham - Lap Steel Guitar
Adam Nitti - Bass
Alex Argento, Mike Whittaker - Keyboards
Johnny Neel - Hammond B-3
Marco Minnemann, Doug Belote, Marcus Finnie - Drums
Jeff Coffin - Tenor Saxophone

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