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Greg Howe, Victor Wooten, Dennis Chambers

Greg Howe, Victor Wooten, Dennis Chambers - Extraction - 2003 - Tone Center

Extraction is a collaborative studio album by guitarist Greg Howe, drummer Dennis Chambers and bassist Victor Wooten, released on October 7, 2003 through Tone Center Records. According to Howe, the album went through a very difficult recording process which spanned two years, resulting in disagreements between the three musicians and Shrapnel founder Mike Varney, as well as several delays in the release date. The sixth track, "A Delicacy", is a re-recording of an instrumental previously released on Now Hear This, a 1991 album by Howe II (an earlier band of Greg's). "Proto Cosmos" is a popular jazz fusion composition by pianist Alan Pasqua, originally featured on The New Tony Williams Lifetime's 1975 album Believe It. – Wikipedia

Although he's primarily known as a heavy metal shredder, guitarist Greg Howe can pretty much adapt to any style thrown his way -- including jazz fusion. And this is precisely the style that is featured throughout 2003's Extraction, which saw Howe joined by such top-notch instrumentalists as Victor Wooten on bass and Dennis Chambers on drums (as well as David Cook on keys). Longtime fans of Howe who are hoping for at least a glimpse of his hard rock roots are out of luck here, as the tunes often recall the carefree fusion days of the 1970s, when such artists as Billy Cobham, Stanley Clarke, and Al di Meola were consistently giving a clinic with chops-heavy tunes. As far as modern-day fusion goes, Extraction is pretty darn consistent from front to back, as evidenced by such uptempo ditties as "Extraction" and "Crack It Way Open," as well as more tranquil moments like "Tease" and "Ease Up." Howe, Wooten, and Chambers have certainly succeeded in summoning up a heavy '70s vibe throughout Extraction, and as a result, the album wouldn't sound out of place played between School Days and Where Have I Known You Before. © Greg Prato © 2013 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/extraction-mw0000693659

Another masterpiece of fusion guitar improvisation. Nothing more to add. Greg here is finally joined by a couple of monster talents to play the rhythmn section roles, Dennis Chambers (drums), Victor Wooten (bass). There's not a lot more to add. If you know Greg Howe you have to own it. It's guitar fusion at its best! If you don't know Greg style I can say that it is truly breath taking. His playing is almost liquid .. his lines are so smooth, fast, modern and precise that are astonishing! His fusion is quite contemporary, there are not commercial hooks here, no weaknesses. Just pure music, pure expression. It is a trip in music a kind of mixture between jazz and rock. It has the harmonical/melodical/rhytmical sophistication of Jazz, a lot of funk here and there, and the aggressiveness of rock music. ... gold! Greg is a magnificient player and music writer sure among the two, three best guitarists alive. – from ***** Liquid Greg is back!, November 26, 2003 By & © Jazzcat "stef" (Genoa, Italy Italy) © 1996-2013, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Extraction-Howe/product-reviews/B0000CNY38/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

This is an exceptional mix of funk, jazz fusion, jazz rock and metal by four of the best rock/fusion players in the business. The album received a few negative reviews concerning the lack of interaction between musicians. A lot of the album was recorded by the musicians in separate studios over a long period of time. There were a few band arguments and long delays in piecing the album together. However, to be honest, you would hardly notice any lack of fluidity or cohesion in the playing. This “disassociation” mentioned by a few critics does not affect the quality of the final album. Brilliant musicianship, especially by the great guitarist Greg Howe who penned 8 of the nine tracks. VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Greg Howe’s “Howe 2: High Gear” album, Victor Wooten’s “A Show of Hands” album, and Dennis Chambers’ “Planet Earth” album. Greg Howe’s “Introspection”, “Uncertain Terms”, “Parallax” and “Hyperacuity” albums can be found on this blog along with the Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen “Project” album. The Dean Brown with Dennis Chambers and Will Lee DB III “Live at the Cotton Club Tokyo” album and Steve Khan, Anthony Jackson, & Denis Chambers’ “The Suitcase: Live In Köln '94” album is also on this blog. Read Greg Howe’s bio @ http://www.allmusic.com/artist/greg-howe-mn0000195552/biography, Victor Wooten’s bio @ http://www.allmusic.com/artist/victor-wooten-mn0000178114/biography and Dennis Chambers’ bio @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Chambers [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 120 Mb]


1 Extraction 6:14
2 Tease 6:07
3 Crack It Way Open 5:59
4 Contigo 6:30
5 Proto Cosmos 4:16
6 A Delicacy 2:24
7 Lucky 7 6:02
8 Ease Up 6:20
9 Bird's Eye View 6:19

All tracks composed by Greg Howe except Track 5 by Alan Pasqua


Greg Howe - Guitar, Guitar Synth., Keyboards
Victor Wooten - Bass
Dave Cook - Additional Keyboards & All Keyboard Solos
Dennis Chambers - Drums

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