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Rough Ramblers

Rough Ramblers - Dolls House - 2003 - Daisy Dog Productions

Rough Ramblers is British fusion trio, founded by guitarist Simon Goulding. He was trained at Berklee in Boston in early 90-s and played jazz, funk and fusion. In 2003 he recorded his first Rough Ramblers release "Dolls House" with Andy Tolman on bass and Martin Magic Johnson on drums. Then Simon spent 5 years playing with The Tarantinos and touring Europe. Finding like-minded musicians appeared difficult until he met Martin "Magic" Johnson, a brilliant technician on the drums and experienced solid bass supremo Andy Tolman. "Dolls House" is named after the house in which the trio recorded the album. Many of the tracks on “Dolls House” have been aired on The Fuse Box jazzfm's internet radio station ejazz.fm. "General Purpose" was played out on Martin Charman's night show on jazzfm and recently Mike Chadwick has played "Dolls House" on his cutting edge show. It’s good to know that there are still good British musicians out there playing original jazz fusion. It’s true that many of today’s jazz fusion bands have “run out of steam”. In fact, many people believe that there has been no really good original jazz fusion played since the ‘70’s. This idea is a fallacy. The music is out there. The truth is that very few people are hearing it on mainstream media. Listen to Rough Ramblers "Stiff Upper Lip" album. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 132 Mb]


1. General Purpose 6:17
2. Falling Up 7:14
3. Dolls House 7:45
4. Decline And Fall 8:32
5. Krantz A Lot 9:02
6. Prove It 5:42
7. G-Wizz 7:25
8. Hamster-jam 6:13

All tracks composed by Simon Golding


Simon Golding - Guitars
Andy Tolman - Bass
Martin "Magic" Johnson - Drums

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